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Article: Trending on Unnati - a new wave of Channderi Sico Kurta and Kurtis

Trending on Unnati - a new wave of Channderi Sico Kurta and Kurtis

Trending on Unnati - a new wave of Channderi Sico Kurta and Kurtis


Mention a kurta to an Indian woman and she loses herself in conjuring up self images in colorful stylish chic-looking tops that she would love to flaunt. The kurta and the Indian tunic also called the kurti are meant for the Indian weather and barring severe winter, are considered the ideal wear over suitable bottoms to draw emotions from admiration to envy from people around.

A garment that is universally accepted by all nature of females young, not so young, and old, it feels cosy and looks chic attired in the stylish, fashionable kurti or the slightly longer kurta. Even elders and the lovers of tradition find it okay to include it in the list of normal Indian attire.

  • At attractive prices, a vast range of colours and designs are available in kurtis.
  • The simplicity of design allows the fabric to be easily accessorized, allows any tailor to give a perfect fit, correctly and within a short time. Readymade kurtis are also very much preferred.
  • The bottoms accompanying a kurti could be any from jeans (chosen the most), leggings, skirt, lehenga, shorts to the kurti being converted into a reasonably good looking dress.

The special appeal of the Indian Tunic

All females, age no bar, with the right fit, look good in a kurti or kurta. It is also traditionally accepted for women and with its freedom of movement, comfy feel and stylish appearance has been a hit from day one. In addition you have suitable accessories that go along with the pairing with bottoms that it defines a style statement. A choice of necks, from round, square, V, U, with light, embroidery or plain, a whole host of vibrant colours and pleasing hues, with options of sleeves, no sleeves, half sleeves and three fourth sleeves, and styles like double layered, Anarkali, tail cut, the kurti is an endearing choice for most women in India since the new look tunics would be suitable for a variety of occasions. The Indian tunic, is a garment that is easily customized, suits women of all ages, has plenty of potential for variety and spice. In fact the unstitched version is of special interest to the ‘self-styling’ and the plus sized ones who might wish to have it made to their taste and fit.


The special Chanderi Sico kurtis & kurtas at Unnati Silks

There is an explored and experimented range of Chanderi Sico kurtis and kurtas at Unnati Silks online. Not content with mere designs in the whole area of the fabric, the kurti has been divided into five portions mentally with different manner of adorning them.

The neck portion with buttons is two part and fancy with dual colours. The main body has abstract geometrical, floral spread, flowery distributed motifs etc., with back following suit or slightly different. The sleeves have a different design, could be full, half, or other format. The borders could have single or two part adorning with each portion of the two different from the other. In some cases the back has a different design from the front. Colours are bright, prints are exotic, patterns are attractive, overall appeal extraordinary.

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The fusion range of Chanderi Sicos offered by Unnati Silks includes a whole range of Kalamkaris. Kalamkari, is craftsmanship through the use of a pen, an ethnic art involving hand-painting or block printing on Handloom Sarees. Subjects of Gods, temple hangings, epic scenes and other religious themes, floral and fauna as motifs with trees, creepers, flowers, leaves, birds as some of the popular subjects adorn the Chanderi Sico Punjabi suits. Marked features of this fusion style are simplicity, good use of natural organic colours . Employed on the Chanderi Sico fabric, the Kalamkari addition through hand block prints and stylish pen work makes it look grand, that the Kurta suitably paired with a bottom and accompaniments becomes apt for weddings, corporate wear, as also suitable for festive occasions like Sankranthi, Diwali, Dushera, Pongal etc.

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There are the Rapid block prints with the latest designs, with exquisite Kalamkari in beautiful floral spreads on contrast patch borders and designer attachments on the front and maybe plain at the back. Visualize light backdrops with dark hand block prints with gicha woven borders and a floral designer spread Or a white background filled in with block prints in red and green and matched by a red and black velvet patch border and a self coloured Kalamkari prints.


Then you have a whole lot of neons beautifully done up with the popular and stylish checks pattern. Light hued to white with attractive patterns and catchy designs, mesmerizing double colour striped pattern with neon borders, sensational multi-coloured neons, checks pattern dark coloured with contrasting bright neon borders, dark coloured with shiny zari bootis all over, are variations that are quite popular.

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The Chanderi weave – unique appeal

Traditional weaving centuries old, known for its smooth texture and fine counts, the Chanderi weave is famed for the choice of its bootis or motifs, plain to moderately adorning patterns, attractive coloured borders and a host of other attractive additions. The Chanderi has acquired fame for its quality of weave and skilled craftsmanship.


Exploring the range of Chanderi Kurtas and Kurtis at Unnati Silks

  • There are the Kurtas and the tunics with lining. Adorned with floral block prints, in various formats in sleeves from full to almost no sleeves, the neck portion has mostly a mandarin collar and a zipped front though not very visible. The borders vary from none to colored, there are various forms of adornment on the back of the kurtas from simple plain to small fancy loops vertically down to 1/3rd portion of the kurta.
  • There is another line that has attractive small buttons to halfway down in the imagined front fastening area. The short sleeves make them extremely chic and stylish.
  • One line has a fashionable side sleeves type of flap below the shoulders. They are both at the front and the back. Pencil borders at the bottom of the fabric and at the sleeve ends add to the allure. Some of them have the zigzag pattern that provides a delightful change for the eyes.

  • Fancy scroll shaped fasteners on the front as additional the usual invisible zip fastening is employed are a change again.
  • Then you have the designer front portion slit that has the invisible fastening, sometimes from near bottom to even half way down. These especially are in the long length upto ankles variety of kurtas.
  • You have other delightful variations like a nice sash on a floral kurta, different colored necks and wonderfully round, color variations from dark to pastels and the bright eye-catching kind of shades and other lovely innovative touches.

Unnati Silks and its Chanderi association began in 1980. So the virtues of the Chanderi are well-known. But at the same time it is a fabric weave that offers infinitesimal possibilities to explore and experiment.

So be it saree or the salwar suit, the kurta, kurti or Indo-western apparel it is a tradition that allows freedom and provides sufficient scope and latitude to make every offering unique and desirable.

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