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Article: Inspiring Hand Painting art on sarees

Inspiring Hand Painting art on sarees

Inspiring Hand Painting art on sarees

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The art of free hand that has always captivated when executed well, is seen in exquisite figurines and images hand-painted with fine lines and sharp features. Hand painting on sarees in beautiful colours and sharp detailing is a demonstrative display of skill and precision in exemplary artistry. There are the traditional artisans who have showcased their skills on ethnic varieties, specifically those of Kalamkari, Pen Batik, Warli painted, Tribal art of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Bhagalpur.

A new line of handloom sarees in Kerala and Mangalagiri cottons with hand-painted motifs and themes launched by Unnati Silks, invokes feelings of fresh-feel and designer. Handloom sarees with hand-painted motifs, designs and themes accompanied by captivating borders in attractive color combinations in soft, shiny Kerala and Mangalagiri cottons, has taken the market by storm.

The new-kook Kerala Handloom Cottons

In the Kerala Handloom cotton sarees range one can see a mix of the popular checks pattern in multi colors with a lot of floral art in pleasing hues. There are abstract geometrical designs and leafy vines in a wonderful mix of color and creativity.

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You have the peacock fanning its feathers, Lord Krishna and Radha, the Kathakali mask, nature scenes, tribal art figurines, the peaceful looking Gautama Buddha, etc. as themes depicted in vibrant colors and vivid detail on the Pallu / Pallav or end piece, which forms the center of attraction.

Beautiful motifs of butterflies, sea creatures, other fauna provide means of decorating the main body with lovely eye-catching borders in golden zari lining interspersed with others in multi-color. The choice of colors and the combination of hues makes it both artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

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The Mangalagiri Handlooms

The Mangalagiri cottons offer variety by way of a pleasant combination of the temple design as border and floral designs. There are combinations of light colored block prints of zigzag lines, large checks patterns with subjects such as fish, butterflies, leafy vines as motifs that are hand-painted. Matching Ganga Jamuna borders provide the complementing feature to elevate the look further.

Why is cotton preferred?

Cotton is a fine natural fibre known for its quality of being soft, light, airy and very comfortable, especially during the summer season. It is durable, has good affinity to colours and is skin-friendly. The fast colors bring out the essence of vitality, do not run and provide a fine opportunity to display creativity.  Cotton handlooms on account of their fabric weaving qualities offer good canvas for designs, patterns and motifs.

With good blending qualities, cotton handlooms of traditional styles such as Mangalagiri and Kerala, have been used to get fabrics of very good quality and durability, in a wide range of extremely vibrant and pleasing colours.


To add to the new-feel, these Unnati Silks designer variety ranges include the matching blouse, are attractively priced and come with the usual Unnati Code of Service that ensures a safe, speedy and satisfactory delivery to the end customer.

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