For the Vibrant Summer Shades- Try Our Classy Kota Cotton and Supernet Sarees


One of the best ways to beat the heat is by wearing the right fabrics. For the Indian woman the saree with its rectangular expanse and different styles in its wear, is the ideal choice. Airy, light on the body, comfortable in fit, easy to move in, it is not only attractive to look at but has tremendous variety to offer as well.

So what shall it be this summer for you?

The two new ranges from Unnati Silks

Unnati Silks has already brought heartening fabrics in the form of Kota cotton and the more exotic Kota supernet sarees.  Known for its quality and unique checks pattern within the weave, the colors are not only vibrant but colorful combinations are realized in hues both fast and durable.

Let us see what each range has to offer.

Kota cotton sarees

The main body is a flower garden with flowers, stem, shoots and tendrils sprawled out in elegant fashion decorated on its periphery by elegant borders.

On the standard mesh pattern within this weave, characteristic of the Kota cotton saree, you have a thin colorful border at the extreme ends of the top and bottom. Inner to that is a wider border area with two thin borders flanking on either side the printed area along the length of the saree, but different in color and contrasting to that of the extreme border. The floral prints in this area are akin to a long rectangular garden plot decorated with flowers. The familiar temple border follows on the inner.

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The Pallu is as usual made to look different but to curtail a flowery arrangement would not do. So it is flowery designs in different bands in the area earmarked for the end-piece or pallu. The advantage of block prints has been the easy transfer of the block designs onto the fabric with minimum fuss and maximum advantage. Hence the pallu has several bands of block prints to create further floral beds of attraction.

In colors of spring like blue and light pink, violet and sky blue, it ushers in lightness of the heart and a touch of romanticism.

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Traditionally woven in a manner designed to produce check patterns on the fabric, the square shaped checks known as Khats are the outcome of the Kota Doria weave being woven in a special combination of cotton threads in the warp and weft.

The standard weave is woven in white and later dyed in colors of choice. In the event there are to be very many designs on the saree, the yarns are dyed prior to the weaving. Translucent muslin much preferred for its light weight, softness and airy comfort, the Kota cottons are known for their vibrant colors, a whole array of bright colours and shades like pink, blue, saffron, orange etc. applied to traditional attractive floral prints and highlighted borders to match. The Pallu is a beautiful contrast adorned by fancy prints.




Kota Supernet sarees

  • The block prints chosen are a judicious and imaginative exercise of skill and imagination. What appeals even more is the creation of prints in raster like fashion akin to a jigsaw puzzle picture.
  • Here the colors are well-chosen to give the wearer a vibrant feel. Colors like maroon, vermillion red, cyan blue, peach, violet, purple in their brilliant shades have done justice to a range that is already receiving rave attention.
  • Because of the raster like innovations on the checks pattern weave, the fine prints seem like well – embroidered creations of images and adornments.
  • It is a fine effort of skill and concentration that has yielded offerings that have got the market interested and indulgent.
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Supernet is characteristic of a mesh that is woven in a manner that hardly anything can pass through the weave. The word super indicates the closeness of the warp and weft threads to form a fine lattice network. Due to this fineness or smooth texture of the polished threads, the Supernet is able to attain a lustre and shimmering effect, that is very much eye-catching. This feature also provides for seamless inclusions of brilliant crochet work, embroidery and other intricately woven adornments that elevates the elegance further.


A blend of silk and cotton in different proportions, the supernet in the manner of its weave is able to incorporate attractive designs and beautiful borders that give the wearer allure and bewitching attractiveness.  Hand -made designs and the use of fabric paints are sometimes included as an adorning feature for the Supernet to increase the comeliness. When the jacquard attachment is used to create designs on fabrics, the supernet is able to respond well to the creation of tasteful and exquisite fabrics.

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Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73814Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73814
Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73813Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73813
Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73812Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73812
Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73811Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73811
Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73810Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73810
Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73809Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73809
Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73807Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73807
Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73806Multi Pure  Shibori Printed Superfine Mulmul Cotton Saree-UNM73806