For All The Saree Lovers - Dwell into the Magic of Rajasthani Hand Block Prints on Rich South Indian Pattu’s


The traditional handloom saree has been explored through very many varieties across the length and breadth of India. From these there emerge the cream of the lot, the exclusive ones that besides the traditional touch also provide class and creativity of a high order. Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram silk, Mysore silk, Dharmavaram silk, the traditional torch bearers of South Indian flavors of fabric finesse and weaving excellence, have stood the test of time to remain true to their reputation of high quality. It is that fine understanding of what a weave stands for, virtuosity of materials, vibrancy in mix, color combinations and motifs that stand out, that make them what they are – Indian ethnic fabrics that uphold values and tradition, yet include current market tastes to keep alive interest and inspiration.

A delightful range of silk and cotton blends to explore

Unnati Silks, with handlooms since 1980, has always been fascinated by the promise and possibilities of these quality weaves and never hesitates to venture into the realm of experimentation, backed by research on tastes and tastefulness and armed with a creative imagination.

There has been introduced a new line of silk cotton blends with captivating hand block prints using the silk cotton Kanchipuram and cotton silk Pochampally ikat as base fabrics. What’s special is what you may ask.

Well, the hand block prints that have come out on these fabrics are sharp, detailed despite being miniscule in print and impressively eye catching. This has been achieved with the use of steel made hand blocks instead of the conventional wooden hand blocks.

Evenly distributed motifs across the field in lovely flowery designs, beautiful temple design borders on the inner, a plain colored outer border and an inner zari border across the length of the saree make it a lovely combination. And of course you have the beautiful block prints on the pallu. Irresistibly eye-catching and lush richness filled, the designer hand block prints with a mix of designs and floral patterns create captivating drapes. Typical motifs are sun, moon, peacock, swan, lion and mango. Themes like jasmine flowers scattered between boundaries, parallel lines running across or temple structures are also popular.

No wonder the silk cotton Kanchipuram pattu sarees crafted by the gifted weavers of Tamil Nadu with their new block printed avatars are a handsome catch for any Indian woman.

So too with the wonderful ikat filled patterned cotton silk Pochampally sarees where the pallu is richly ornate with hand block prints in imaginative floral and geometric designs. The small width colored border with the zari border running alongside. There is a reed pattern of threads provided at the pallu end to create delightful tassels.

Both ranges backed by the Handloom Mark, in vibrant color combinations and in tasteful designer outlook, it is worth a customer’s attention to check it out.

A brief note on hand block printing       

Hand Blocks are the answer to the more tedious execution and achievements of screen printing. Hand blocks are simple hand held, mostly made of wood, though steel and other solid materials are also sometimes used, objects of easy maneuverability that hold fantastic advantages.

In fact, the revolutionary technique of hand block printing

1) Has simplicity and ease of execution.

2) There is the sharpness, accuracy and fine detailing of prints made on the fabrics.

3) The huge possibilities of match and mix of different block designs in various colors on the same fabric as in large canvas fabrics like the saree and salwar kameez is stupendous. A large number of wooden blocks are always kept in readiness for use based on the intended patterns and designs.

4) Creating a new block with a new design is fairly quick and easy.

5) Blocks are of good quality wood and so they have durability. Metallic blocks are sometimes used

but maneuverability limits their use compared to wooden blocks.

6) Intricate and sharp detailing for complicated designs can be etched out in the blocks, which is mostly possible only in wooden blocks.

7) Accessories like hair brushes are used for filling in the blank areas between outlines of the design.

8) A point on the block serves as a guide for the repeat impression, so that the whole effect is continuous and not disjoint.

9) The extensive choice of colors make the designs vibrant and fresh-feel.

10) Block prints and brush prints having been tried out successfully on fabrics like cotton, silk, sico

 and others.

Handlooms are the fabrics of a vibrant India, the pride of a nation, the showcase of a traditional country like ours.

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