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Article: These 10 wedding photographers will make your Day look like a fairy tale wedding

These 10 wedding photographers will make your Day look like a fairy tale wedding
indian wedding

These 10 wedding photographers will make your Day look like a fairy tale wedding

Weddings are a way of life in India. Indian Weddings are joyous affairs that leave behind memories of a lifetime. The union of a girl and boy in wedlock is enjoyed more by everybody else than the Bride and Bridegroom themselves. Food, fabrics and festivity, not necessarily in that order, rule the mind, lighten the soul in this festival of ‘union of souls’ that rejuvenates the heart to get it warm and going, spreading happiness all around.

There are several ceremonies that lead up to the occasion of the sacred fire, the tying of the Mangalsutra and the Saat Pheras of the would-be-couple, the Sangeet Ceremony, and finally the Bidai or farewell ceremony when the bride is to leave her parents’ house and step into the new world of her husband and kin, that is enacted through ritual and a lot of tear-shedding, before the couple seat themselves in the vehicle that will drive them away.

A normal Indian wedding is a major event in the lives of the couple to be married, their families, the invited and maybe the local media. A celebrity wedding is a mega event that engulfs the whole of society, occupies the news of major media channels across the country, depending upon the prominence of the ‘couple to be united’. Weddings like that of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, darlings in their respective fields of cricket and Bollywood cinema and adored by the nation, with a lot of hush hush and happening overseas, makes for a seismic event that occupies the minds of millions of their fans, agog with excitement and wanting to know the movement by movement through whatever little info that comes their way.

To capture every moment, trap the essence of the event, fill albums and recording media with images and happenings that occurred during the entire period, there is a new line of enterprising and dynamic individuals who are well-versed in the art of planning, promoting, programming, photographing, posting and eventually pleasing the people who have hired them for just that. It is a big bucks business that is luring and lucrative, that calls for professionalism and perfection. It is known as Wedding Photography.

Today you have a new generation of Indian wedding photographers who manage Indian wedding photos for both pre and post wedding shoots. Wedding photography is a new trend in India and people take their photographers to exotic locations even during their honeymoon and they don’t worry about the photographer’s charges. Some of the best photographers charge like INR 2 lakh for a one-day function.

We lead you through some of the best names in the business of Indian Wedding Photography who have carved out a name for themselves for their quality of work both in the domestic circuit and in the international arena. The images from some of their shoots, would give you an idea about their talent and application of mind.

Here is the cream of talent from across India.

  1. Sharik Verma – Known for his passion for Indian Wedding Photography, this engineering graduate from Delhi, quit his high paying job at Wipro to make his life worth the while, by providing people the pleasure of admiring themselves and his work through his excellent photography. Capturing the of the wonderful moments during the grand events of a wedding ceremony, his true-to-life reproductions are widely acknowledged as sensational.

2. Foma Digital Studio & Thermal Colour Lab – Kerala

Located in Calicut, Kerala, this is a professional group of wedding photographers, professionals well-versed in digital techniques of post-editing, touch-up, finishing in all that classifies as trending and top-class in Indian wedding photography.

3. Candid Shutters – An initiative of Pranjal Kumar in early 2012, Candid Shutters comprises of some of the most experienced and renowned wedding photographers and cinematographers of India. Offices in Mumbai & Gurgaon, theirs is a team that covers full-time with experts in various fields. Photographers, cinematographers, editors, album designers – you name it they have them. Having covered close to 400 weddings in the Indian subcontinent and widely recognized in national and international circles theirs is a force to reckon with in Indian Wedding Photography.

4. Crystal Visual Media – A Palakkad , Kerala, India group that specializes in special effects in trending Indian wedding photography.

5. Weva photography – From Kochi, Kerala, this group knows the use of colors and the worth of sharpness in images that shows in their work. Very much life-like!
Contact: Weva photography  CRA-128, Chakkunkal Road, Palarivattom, Kochi, Kerala – 682025, Phone : 91 9947719678
wevaphotography [dot] com

6. Jodi clickers

As their name suggests, they are Indian wedding photographers. Clicking couples in their display of natural emotions during the various events of the wedding, their specialty lies in special effects post-editing. Judge the way their images turn out in vividness and sharp detail.

7. Prakash Tilokani - A brilliant Indian wedding photographer from Delhi he has a penchant for working with the best - high profile bollywood celebrities and other top notch socialites. He has won several awards for his photography.

Prakash Tilokani says “ Wedding Photography is a combination of consultation, planning and photographic skill. Along with this, one needs a wedding photographer with superb social skills to entice the very best from his subject”.

He makes good use of the latest technologies to capture the prize moments during weddings and reproduces true-to-life images.

8. Vinayak Das & Snigdha Sheel -  a lovely couple devoted to photography and well-versed in capturing the nuances of human emotions in the most appealing way they have been acknowledged as the contemporary new age Indian wedding photographers and been awarded Kodak Wedding photographer  for their photo journalistic approach in wedding photography.

9. Joseph Radhik – An IIM graduate with a keen eye for discerning the right moments to shoot, his shots get woven into a story about the people figuring in them. Known for his very good work in whatever he attempts,  wedding videographies, candid wedding photos, Pre and Post wedding shoots, creative wedding short films and many more enterprises have brought him accolades nationally and internationally. Saying that his stories are made with love he divides his time between Mumbai and Hyderabad.

10. Suman Chakravarthy – the face from Hyderabad, Telegana. Suman is known to repeatedly say, “You enjoy your big day, I promise to capture your story”. Known popularly as Suman Chakri, his experience in Candid Photography has brought him fame. His images of perfect timing, unusual situations, the unexpected and raw displays of emotions are what bring him to be a cut above the rest. He is also acclaimed for his pre wedding shoots and couple shoots.

There was a time when Indian wedding photography was merely to capture the main events of the occasion for remembrance sake. Today it has gone far beyond that.

The Wedding of today with all the accompanying paraphernalia of various functions has to be recorded to the last detail. Nothing can be left out since the moment will never return. So photo shoots are planned in advance. The more enterprising even rehearse dialogues and moments and photographers, professionals that they are, get them to perform in a certain way, that the captured images look lovely and natural. Digital photography and other post shoot editing techniques polish off even the most seemingly awkward moments into something like from a shot in a movie. So, no more the worry how one was captured in an image wrongly or the expression did not come right etc. post shoot editing smoothens out all the rough edges.

With some much possible and much more to follow, is it at all surprising that Indian Wedding Photography is one of the hottest careers that youngsters who have a keen eye and the love for the shutterbug, would naturally pursue?

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