Christmas – Cheer people with shock treatment this time


Merry Christmas! The magical words on December 25th every year, the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ, that brings delightful smiles and laughter on the faces of children, cheers and whoops from the youth and broad smiles and grins on the more serious faces. The annual celebration and the famous stories associated with it are like a fairy tale come true, even if for a day, the end of a long wait of a year after the last celebration and now time for renewed joy and fulfilling of the promise of a good time.

Christmas is truly the festival that cheers where the spirit of give and take with gifts, completing an Advent calendar or advent wreath for some, Christmas Music, the singing of carols, a special meal, exchange of Christmas cards, Church services, hymns, visiting and receiving friends and relatives and a lot other merrymaking events, mark a celebration, observed and participated across the world.

Lovely is the Santa Claus tradition, however much a myth it may be. Reviving the Santa Claus theme parents place gifts in a large stocking or sock in their childrens’ bedroom while they are sleeping the previous night itself. The loved legend of the roly-poly, rollicking with laughter Santa Claus in his Red costume and red tasseled cape, his arrival on Christmas Eve on his sled pulled by the ‘moving tree’ (his reindeer) while all are sleeping, and the leaving behind of his gifts for children in the big sock or sack hung over their beds, has endured over time and still fascinates those who hear it.

The wishes made by children especially for what they desired most, leaving messages for Santa to grant their wishes for the next Christmas, the sweet harmonious melodies of the Christmas carols, the lit up Christmas tree of mistletoe with gifts pinned to it for everybody and of course the sumptuous Christmas dinner taken together, are all part of a great celebration that has endured wonderfully as a joyful tradition.

Christmas involves gifts (something nice and endearing from the times of the Magi) that are exchanged between family members, friends and sometimes given to charities, orphanages, to those much less privileged in comparison.

It is also a special occasion when one is filled with joy and happiness, when the magnanimous spirit is very much in the air, that one would like to do something more for those not so fortunate in comparison. It is at such times when one would like to share something, be the benevolence as a messenger of God, to see the radiance of the spirit flash in smiles all around, and cheer spread in those hearts, receiving.

Create your own traditions or celebrate with the traditions that have been passed down in your family. Take time off to meet somebody who has been out of touch for quite some time and re-kindle those pleasant memories. Initiate the healthy practice of giving presents to friends on such joyous occasions, for it is the giving that matters not how much the gift costs. Spend Christmas if you are a free bird with those desolate souls who yearn for a warm smile or a comforting word.

Be game - try Shock Treatment this time

Most of those who celebrate Christmas stick to the routine, celebrating as described above.  But why not put an end to the usual and try something drastic and out of the way? I suggest shock treatment.

What is shock treatment as we generally know? It is the application of an electrical voltage to patients known to have some mental disorder and applied in the hope of jogging or jolting something seemingly asleep, but which could trigger a positive response or calming effect to a restless condition.

Use this principle to bring a major positive change in your and somebody else’s life.

Let us say you have not spoken to somebody in years. You wish to put the relationship back on track on a good footing. Calmly approach the person and ask how he or she is, like in a casual conversation. There are one or two surefire possibilities. The person may just ignore you as if not heard. The person may retort with something nasty. It could be something else also.

Do not anticipate, just do it! The lord will do the rest.

Innovate! List out things that seem undesirable to you, things you have not done in years, concerning people around you. But which in your heart you know to be something God would like you to do.

Take up one or two and set about doing it. It could shock the other person, bring about a positive outcome. More certainly it will shock You! For you may not have guessed how good you truly could be.

It is the thought of the kindness of the Almighty and the lightness of one’s heart in our tiny yet significant emulating deed, that gives us the feeling, that the true meaning of Christmas is realized when we spread happiness and joy among all those around us – for the greatest gift of all is Love. 

Merry Christmas!

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