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Article: Mornings of India

Mornings of India
arunachal pradesh

Mornings of India

Ever wondered where does the Morning of India starts everyday
To those who did not know, it is Arunachal Pradesh.
The word Arunachal comes from the Sanskrit word ‘arun’ which means Sun and ‘pradesh’ meaning land or region. This name is apt for the land which is eastern most amongst the eastern states of India and hence receives the first rays of the sun.
Known as the land of the dawn-lit mountains, it is the first inhabited place in India where the sun strikes ushers in a new day, every day, much before 3 A.M.
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Geographically it has Assam and Nagaland to its south, Bhutan in the West, Myanmar to its east and the People’s Republic of China in its North.
A state of nature’s bounty in flora and fauna it has many wild life sanctuaries where varied species of animals and birds can be seen. With a lot of bio-diversity it is also considered a botanist’s paradise.
You also have many monasteries and calm lakes to make it a beautiful place for tourism to abound.
Serene, scenic and salubrious are words that come to the mind since the state is divided into regions of differing altitudes and the population is not very dense. There is an air of calm and quiet everywhere, the panoramic view of the sights would gladden the heart and the high altitudes usher in freshness in the environment that echoes health all around.
If you would like a soothing experience and a memorable period of peace and tranquility with your loved ones, this is where you should plan to be the next time you seek to visit exotic places for a holiday.

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