PK – another masterpiece from Rajkumar Hirani

19th Dec., 2014, was the date of release for PK, the much awaited Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma starrer. Release it did as scheduled and immediately received the applause that it deserved for being one of the best movies that came for entertainment in 2014.
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What is special about PK?

Strangely nothing!  It is just one more Hirani venture that will definitely gross beyond expectations at the box office, unless the public has lost its taste for light entertainment of an unusual kind. Direction by Hirani and ably aided by writer Abhajat Joshi, PK is a ‘breath of fresh air’ after quite some time.

Plot has a lady (television journalist) in Belgium (Anushka Sharma) in love with a chap from Pakistan (Sushant Rajput), aiming for a union in life which could have ended tamely with a ‘and they lived happily ever after’. But No! a spoilsport astrologer or Maharaj (SaurabhShukla) puts the spanner in the works by telling the girl’s parents that the boy was likely to dump her soon after wedlock and they in turn calling the possible marriage off.

Meanwhile an alien (Aamir Khan) from another world, arrives on the scene landing with his spacecraft in the sandy dunes of Rajasthan, gets himself clothed, spouts a strange lingo and goes in hunt after a remote that is key for his spacecraft to take off and return to where he had come from. Coming in contact with the humans of Earth, the alien asks how can he possibly get his misplaced or lost remote, and when some say God knows he goes in search of ‘God’ to get back his remote. In the course of his search he innocently asks profound questions about God and his messengers, the Godmen, and kicks up a lot of hilarious situations. The TV journalist thwarted in her plans of wedlock and amused by the alien gets cosy with him to team up and expose the vile schemes of the godman. In the process the theme of godmen who hoodwink the people to amass fortunes and the gullibility of the common people and their unshaken faith in godmen, is highlighted in a comical way.

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That is why PK is special!

Hirani has a Midas touch and everything he touches turns to Gold as he showed with his other three – Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai and The 3 Idiots (five years back). The initial screenings have shown this one too would be following the same route.

The special comic expression face of Aamir with his blood red lips that give him the ‘alien’ look, the sensual but mature delivery by Anushka Sharma, the forlorn frustrated lover Sushant Rajput, the encouraging bandmaster Sanjay Dutt, the wily Maharaj in Saurabh Shukla are perfect characters of a satirical theme presented with hilarity and panache by Hirani, about the guile of Godmen and the gullibility of the common people.

Funny dialogues at every step, the Bhojpuri mouthed by Aamir, fairly good songs to hum, good locales, gaiety galore without over doing the laughter, and of course the Hirani take on the reliance and blind belief of society even today on the  so called holy men are good ingredients, brilliantly mixed and served as this enjoyable dish called PK.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Saying more would kill the joy of expectation but say this we must – If only a movie like PK had appeared in the beginning of 2014. Maybe the eventful 2014 could have started on a more cheerful note. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]