Dasvidaniya – and ten things to do before I am no more..


Some time back I happened to see DasVidania (Dos Vidania meaning ‘good bye’ in Russian is slightly altered) starring the famous duo Vinay Pathak and Rajat Kapur of Bheja Fry 1. Natural acting, sensitive theme, beautifully co-ordinated with good foreign location visuals, this is an evergreen must-see film (can be seen, enjoyed and appreciated at any time in your life).

Story goes like this – Vinay Pathak  a very happy-go-lucky chap (bachelor) having a quiet but satisfying life, works in an office, and has a younger brother and Mother living with him. Suddenly out of the blue he gets the shocking news from the doctor during a routine check-up that he has terminal cancer in an advanced stage and has lesser than three months to live.

He feels cheated that with so much that he had planned to do, time was going to                                            Things to Do.

run out on him.Deflated but determined he suddenly decides that even death was not going to stop him from finishing his ‘To Do’ list of important things (for him),that he prepares.How he sets out to complete it and whether he does make it before being called away takes up the entire film.

Sensitive picture with no melodrama there are a lot of poignant scenes that speak so beautifully without much words. Like when the main protagonist Vinay Pathak comes to know about his departure from life and decides to prepare his list of ten things and execute them before his death. The meeting with his love-lady, learning guitar lessons, catching up with his friend Rajat Kapur after 12 years, confessing his doubt to his friend on whether he would complete his ten before he departs as well as so many like these. In fact saying that not a scene is wasted would be factual.


I must confess that this movie left me quite sad for a day or two and also got me thinking what I would do if I was in Vinay Pathak’s place.

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I”ll just check and find out whether the list I had made for myself at that time, has had justice done to it.

Presenting Dasvidaniya!!!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vXPjGj6diU?wmode=transparent&w=640&h=360]