Basanti is Back!!

[vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text]Hema Malini is very much remembered for her role in the 70 mm magnum opus Sholay. Come Jan.3rd 2014, she once again fills the screen in her new technological avatar in the much awaited Sholay 3D.
The talkative non-stop gabbing Basanti and her Ghodi ‘Dhanno’ are once again the talk of the town.
She has a magnetic presence and draws people’s attention whenever and wherever she walks in. Be it a cinema premiere, her own sets, a fashion show where she is a guest, a talk show she visits or even the inaugaration of a fashion designer’s boutique. Darling of the press for her excellent public manners and willingness to answer questions put across to her in her inimitable amicable style, she has never been fazed by situations and the media has also reciprocated by never putting her in embarrassing situations where she has to fend for herself.
Blessed with age-defying beauty and an ability to carry herself well she has made the saree, her favourite costume, a fashion statement of sorts for many, with her exceptionally good taste. Be it the peach pink lehenga chiffon resham half saree she wore at the sangeet ceremony during her elder daughter’s marriage or the shimmering multi-coloured pattu silks that she sports on many an occasion, be it the sheer white that she has worn a few times or the colourful designer floral varieties she sports now and then, it is Hema all the way.
Grace, elegance and the ability to drape in any style, have made the sarees that she displays in public appearances, a symbol of fashion. Chosen with care, worn with taste, she comes in as the right model for designers like Neeta Lulla to display their designer wares. Maybe it is the classical sense of dance, being an ace dancer and choreographer of dance ballets herself, that she strikes the right chord in her selections.
We, at Unnati Silks see her as one of the most graceful women that donned a saree. The silks that she wears, the half saree designers that she sports, the floral red, green, blue and even black art silks that she displays or the grand and majestic heavier silks that cover her, only symbolize the extent to which fabrics can help in extending a helping hand to womanly appeal, which is already bestowed in her.
The ethnic fabrics of traditional excellence and the designer sarees that this ‘dream girl’ gives a new meaning to, are part of an excellent collection over the years that has made Unnati Silks a name to reckon with in traditional dressing as much as in contemporary taste.
News everywhere was that Sholay 3D would be released on Friday Jan.3rd,2014. It has been released as scheduled. This despite the momentary setback, through the possiblity of a ‘stay’ order from court filed by Ramesh Sippy, the director of the 7o mm film.
Pet project of Sasha or Sascha Sippy, nephew of Ramesh Sippy, grandson of G.P.Sippy, he had seen it when he was four years old, was terribly taken in by the spectacular shots and rest is as we know now. Ketan Mehta is the director, involved with the conversion of frame-by frame from 2D to 3D with the help of about 350 people chipping in and Frank Foster, computer animator from UK, guiding this technical project.
2D to 3D brings in the factor of ‘depth’ making it true-to-life. Things are actually happening before you.
Gabbar is waving his belt and mouthing his dialogues and I bet you could even attempt to try and catch the belt to stop him from doing it.
The logs of wood hit by the fast moving locomotive and flying in all directions could actually make you duck thinking you could get hit by one coming in your direction.
Hema Malini trying for the mango with a stone could make you say “Hey,don’t”. I ’ll get the one that you want.”
And a whole lot of other scenes springing to life right before you – like the train chase by the dakus, the holi song, Sanjeev kumar’s re-counting of how he lost his hands etc.etc.
Do see Sholay 3-D by all means if for nothing else but what the trailers have already shown – how technology can actually ‘change your perception’.
Hema Malini is automatically doing her bit for the publicity of Sholay 3-D by her shows and public appearances. We wish her all the best for her new 3D avatar.
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