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Patola Work- An Insight

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An Insight into Patan Patola

- The making of Patan patola sarees is extremely laborious and requires anywhere between five months to one year to create a single saree.

- Four to five family members work in unison, delicately weaving the unique creation.

- Another feature of these hand-dyed patolas which makes them stand out is that the feel and look of the fabric is exactly the same from both sides. This is due to the use of horizontal double-resist technique of dyeing in the process of colouring the fabric.

- The use of natural dyes makes it very eco-friendly.

- The art of Ikat weaving is also practiced in different parts of the country, but patolas from Patan are hailed as the most exquisite among them.

- This skill of ikat weaving has spread to several parts of South-East and Central Asia, producing different variations of the same technique.

- Patan patolas have taken several forms in the past, appearing as sarees, stoles, scarves and handkerchiefs.

- It is an indulgence for the elite, since these Indian heirloom sarees command a high price for the designs and effect.

- Though the popularity of these sarees has drastically reduced over the past few decades, this exquisite craft is being restored to its original stature by the building of a Patola museum with the help of the younger members of the producer community.

Patan Patola Heritage Museum

Seeing the gradual but constant decline in the interest in the Patola weaving tradition, the Salvi family of Patan, traditional weavers of the Patola fabric, wanted to archive the weaving process, the tradition and safeguard its heritage. That’s how the Patan Patola Heritage Museum came into existence in 2014. This private museum has seen celebrity visitors from Bollywood like Amitabh Bachchan, Om Puri, Dipti Naval, national and regional political leaders and hoards of tourists. At the museum, you can view the live demonstration of a Patola saree being woven, get an understanding of the process, Ikat artefacts from other countries, a brief walkthrough into the process of patola sarees, the Salvi family history, and also admire the numerous national awards that the family has won.

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