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Handloom Day | #handloomswag – expressing your love for handlooms

Aug.7th officially declared as Handloom Day, is celebrated every year since Prime Minister Modi’s laudable initial push in 2015. Acknowledging India’s proud heritage, a treasure trove of fabrics in variety & diversity, he felt the time had come for the nation to owe its immense gratitude to the gifted practitioner of the craft – the humble weaver or craftsman of handlooms.

An unparalleled devotion to the task at hand, a dedication in each of their endeavors, members of this vast family are spread across India, and make up a sizeable portion of the country’s second largest workforce – the textile industry. Significant contributors to the nation’s economy, yet not given their place in the sun, they undergo plenty of trials and tribulations just to be able to keep their traditional art alive.

What is appreciable is their indomitable spirit and the love for the craft that has sustained many a traditional art thatClick your Selfie & Send it with #handloomswag would have otherwise become extinct. Not to mention the immense talent and extraordinary skills in producing masterpieces in fabrics despite their limited resources. All that this Indian ethnic practitioner seeks is a little encouragement through opportunities to be able to display his talent, an appreciative audience that would reward him with reasonable returns, for his continued efforts in churning out weaves that the nation could be proud of.

Unnati Silks in handlooms since 1980, having a deep working relationship with this talented working community since, is extremely proud to be part of a vigorous Handloom Movement that has begun to take shape through policies framed by powers that be.


1. Show that you are a true Indian, express your love for handlooms, by clicking a selfie or an image of you wearing handlooms

2. Post to #handloomswag to show the world your swag. Get others to join you in this simple and wonderful way of showing how much you care for handlooms.


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