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Article: Elegant Hair styles to try in 2016

Elegant Hair styles to try in 2016

Elegant Hair styles to try in 2016



Hair is God’s gift to women, the lovely natural adornment that can turn average looks to ravishing beauty with just a little styling. The beautifying hair can be anything from short length to right up to the knees, thin strands to thick coils, straight brush-down, to stepped down curls, the chic bob-cut to long adorned or curly tresses and so many other types. It’s only a matter of knowing a little to achieve a lot, on how to style your hair the way you would look fab, if done up in a certain way.

Formal occasions like functions and weddings to parties and corporate office meetings, or for maybe just a simple reason like wanting2 to look great in social circles, you’ll want hair that’s as flattering and exquisite as your dress and accessories.

Why not try out some of these that could add several notches to your fashion quotient that are simple to follow and great for the look.

Merged Braids

Section off the top portion of your hair and make fishtail braids. Cross the braids one over another, and adding the freely hanging strands, bring them up to the top of the head. Secure with pins where needed and let some front strands flow free.

4Elegant Bun

This sophisticated bun is a variation of a twist hair updo. It not only takes a couple of minutes to complete but gets you smiling pretty fast. Pull back, twist, wrap and pin. That’s all there is to it.

Textured French Twist

This is a great updo for thin hair, and it can be done with any length that’s at least below the shoulders. Elegant yet modern, this style will show off your highlights and keep your locks looking sophisticated and fancy.

Low Tousled Formal Updo

This bridal style is really lovely and fancy. You cannot resist trying it out for that exclusive occasion that you have intended to attend and where it will matter. Curl hair with a small-barreled iron, and then pull back, tuck and pin. Add a hair embellishment or two to complete the look. Spray well with setting spray, especially if you have thick, heavy hair. This gives that irrestible look to make headsTraditional-Indian-Wedding-Bun1turn your way.

Braided Formal Updo

This is an old style but definitely worth a re-visit. Braid side sections into two beautiful lace braids. Roll the hair in the middle, using a bun maker. Finally, fold the ends of the braids securing them at the nape of the neck above the roll.

[caption id="attachment_11782" align="alignleft" width="300"][/caption]

Double Rope Braid Bun

Side-part the hair. In case you have bangs leave them free. Section the hair into two parts and secure each section into a low ponytailat the nape of the neck. Twist each section and then wrap them around each other moving clockwise. Secure with hair pins.

Spiral Bun

This sleek hair style is another quick and simple idea when you need fancy hair fast. Divide your hair into 3 sections, with the biggest section for the bun in the middle. Make a low pony, twist it and shape a bun. Take strands from the side sections in turns and wrap them around the bun.

Braided Curly Formal Updo                                                                 half_up_half_down_hairstyles_indian                      This hairstyle is perfect for curly hair – either natural or hot-rolled. Loosen your curls and then section off a narrow strand atonetemple. Make a side braid. You can Dutch braid, which is simpler and will produce a smoother look. Pin the remaining loose curls and be sure to embrace and style those front wisps.

Rope Braided Side Bun

You can easily achieve this look starting with curled hair. Brush out the curls and side part the strands. Use a styling product and run it through the locks with your fingers to keep things smooth. Then, rope braid the hair along one side and twist the bottom into a bun.

Easy Elegance Hair Bun Formal Updo

This is one of the easiest and giving the school teacher look. This hairstyle is great for day-to-day wear and also formal occasions. Straighten the hair if necessary before you start, as the smoother the hair, the better it will look.

These are but few of the hundreds of styles that women would like to try out at home and stride out confidently. Easy to achieve on one’s own and giving that more than average to diva look, matched with the right apparel it is a must to try out just for the comments that might come one’s way and give that needed boost in self-esteem that the Indian woman seeks to have.


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At the next fancy occasion in 2016, do be sure to try one of these awesome hairstyles that could just put you on the road to high fashion and beauty. Do not be surprised how you did it, just think how much more you can achieve after that.

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