Interesting detailed inforgraphic on Patachitra by Unnati Silks

Patachitra is a general term for the traditional scroll painting in Odisha. In Sanskrit, Pata means ‘cloth’, chitra means ‘picture’ or ‘painting’. In other words, Patachitra refers to the traditional painting of Odisha, India, where generally the themes that are chosen are based on Hindu mythology, specially inspired by Lord Jagannath and the Vaishnava cult.

This traditional painting art of Odisha has been the source of inspiration for Indian ethnic artisans and craftsman of Odisha, India, to transform handloom weaves in silk, cotton and other fabrics into masterpieces with the beautiful hand painted tribal art adorning the Indian saree. Despite the crude tools employed, the use of natural elements as colors, the limited availability of hues and other inconveniences, the outcomes are flawless and phenomenal.

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