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Article: Detailed Infographic by Unnati Silks on Baluchari

baluchari saree

Detailed Infographic by Unnati Silks on Baluchari

Pride of Bengal, the Baluchari saree is known for its silk brocade designs, attractive motifs and colour harmony. A Baluchari Sari once worn only by women from the upper class during festive occasions and weddings is today widely worn in all strata of society.

Baluchari Saris are made from silk. The appeal of the Baluchari lies in its colour harmony and not contrast, of pattern colours with the colour of the body fabric. Preferred Colours are red, green, yellow, blue and their shades. It is appreciated for its magnificent weave, attractive motifs, brilliant colours and thematic pallus. One of the major themes that adorn the Pallav or Pallu of the Baluchari Saree are mythological stories depicted on the walls of the terra cotta temples that the Malla rulers had built and are located in present day Bengal.

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