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Article: 2018 has been quite satisfying, 2019 promises to be even better

2018 has been quite satisfying, 2019 promises to be even better

2018 has been quite satisfying, 2019 promises to be even better

As 2018 nears its end, with 2019 just round the corner, it’s time to reflect on how the year gone by for us.

True to its constant spirit of innovating and experimenting, Unnati Silks has been able to do the same this year as well.

Our special moves in fabrics

Stepping out of familiar terrain, as block printing on cotton and silk fabrics happens to be our forte`, we have been adventurous enough to try out on less familiar and unsure ground with fabrics like crepe and georgette. We have also experimented with digital printing on smooth linen sarees as well.

In both cases the outcomes have surpassed much beyond expectations.

We have also been bold in experimenting with very vibrant colors on these fabrics, contrary to a more conservative approach with such fabrics. We have not been disappointed, considering the enthusing responses that have come our way.

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The coming year promises to be even more exciting. We shall be starting our new category of Uniforms, one that was on the anvil for quite some time, but there was no separate category devoted to it. We shall now be able to meet specific requests for piecemeal fabrics that we earlier hesitated to fulfill because of certain technological limitations.

We shall also be continuing our fusion experiments as usual and we have certain areas that we would like to target for as a start.

Our social commitment

We have also not forgotten our commitment to society.

In the beginning of this year itself, Kill the Cancer, our initiative towards creating awareness about Cancer, its ills, and the subtle ways in which it could affect us through the substances that we consume, the radiation from objects of daily use and our fairly unhealthy fast-paced lifestyles, to mention a few, was begun.

In Mr. Devender Ladha (Pioneer and M.D. of Unnati Silks)’s own words, “I have been observing the youth, who are dear to me, since a long time. I believe like many others, that they hold the key to a strong India. Our country has the largest population of youth in the world and given their talent and guided correctly early enough would be a force to reckon anywhere, if they put their mind to whatever task be at hand. Their youthful enthusiasm is infectious, their obsession to causes many a time path-breaking. In other words they are the rightful ambassadors for promoting the message that would have a benevolent reach across the nation.”

Yes! There is immense talent and promise in the Indian youth. But our society in its progress forward has also acquired many of the ills of a fast-paced life like drugs, smoking, consumption of alcohol, stress and its related diseases, excessive consumption of fast foods and obesity and a host of others, that have the maximum indulgence and claim of victims amongst those in the youth-filled years.

The Kill the Cancer Elocution competition over three months that was conducted for the 102 colleges under JNTU, Hyderabad, was a phenomenal success considering the involvement of the students, the enthusiasm of the audience and the massive exposure to information regarding Cancer and its ills among the public that was achieved.

2019 shall have the Kill the Cancer initiative continued on a much larger scale with a wider reach of the remaining seven universities of Telangana.

Our resolutions are very much in place, we only bide the time to carry out as we have planned.

And before we sign off “Wishing all of you a very Happy and Prosperous 2019”.

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