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Article: Social media and the way it is used..

Social media and the way it is used..

Social media and the way it is used..

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Social Media is the interaction between individuals or groups in the process of which information is exchanged, shared or even created. Put in simple terms it is social exchange between all sorts of people for whatever reasons that be, which results in a whole lot of new ideas and content being generated. This could be used by those interacting or individuals, groups or organizations either by direct or indirect means for their own purposes.

Social media differs from conventional media in many ways. Its immediate perceived advantages are better quality of interaction, a tremendous unimagined reach, the approach, the amount of information both sought and unsought that is thrown up as well as the frequency and immediacy of the interaction.

To add to it content generation has improved resulting in a lot of employment opportunities and money earning as well.

Social media may have its flip side with cyber-bullying, stalking, faceless predators and some other undesirable outcomes.

But this has not deterred most users of the Net from this most popular activity in the world by far with very fast increasing numbers getting included in this fold each day.

Studies conducted on social media usage through significant sample surveys have generated some important findings by opposite sexes and interesting too.

1)      Women have taken more to social media than men with close to 70 % acknowledging their regular visits to social media sites almost daily. In comparison only 64 % men use it and that too not daily.            social_media

2)      Women prefer such sites primarily for social communication with colleagues and friends being the primary use, followed by communication with clients and customers, sharing documents & reviews, with growing a professional network, promoting an initiative, researching & the rest all taking a back seat.Men prefer instead to grow professional networks, furthering their business and promoting initiatives as far more interesting and useful to do.

3)      Women prefer sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest whereas men generally go to LinkedIn, Twitter, Gogle Plus for their research, professional tie-ups and furthering their business interests.

Other data also lead us to reasonably assume the follwing:

a)      Women bond very well as compared to men on these social sites when it comes to family, friends and other interesting people they encounter and interact with.

b)      Men see social media as a tool in helping their businesses or developing a network of contacts that would promote their interests. Their need for social interaction on the net is not as much as that of women and take chatting, social mails, other similar exchanges more casually.

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But irrespective of which of the two uses more or benefits more, social media has certainly revolutionized the way people interact with each other and created new avenues of dialogue and distribution of a lot of new content.

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