How Hyderabadi Women Police have transformed from Traditional Sarees to Brand New Avataar

A change is always exciting and welcome. This is what the policewomen of Telangana are very much eager to have at the earliest. One that would soon see them attired in a different avatar of their uniform and work-wise also would be more acceptable to most if not all of their ilk.

A new uniform definitely on the anvil

Somehow when taken up initially, it never took root for some reason or the other. The matter has suddenly been re-visited recently and given a new impetus. The concerned people from the Police Dept. met a designer from a city fashion studio. Aakansha Maheshwari, creative executive of I-Brand and alumni of National Institute of Fashion Technology, who was approached with the proposal, confirmed that her studio was asked to develop the design for the new uniform for women constables in the state.

The need for change in the uniform

The existing uniform is saree or salwar kameez with dupatta. Both very feminine apparel and good for the normal occasion, but definitely not when policing or the more risky situation of tackling riot-prone mobs.  There had been many instances when the lady police personnel faced awkward moments when they had to be more attentive about what they were wearing than the immediate forceful task at hand to prevent for themselves what could otherwise have been a truly embarrassing and sometimes risky situation. Truly demoralizing an issue that seemingly trivial, shook their confidence badly.

Support for a genuine concern voiced

Mr.Mahender Reddy, Incharge Director of Police, had received reports of this genuine concern that came in the way of policewomen to confidently tackle stressful situations when called upon to do so. He and other senior personnel in the Police ranks had observed that the concerns raised regarding the saree and salwar kameez with dupatta were justified. A proposal was in fact made a few years back too. The Khaki salwar kameez dupatta and sarees were to be replaced by a more woman-friendly protective attire that would make women cops ‘more confident’ while discharging their duties.

The designer avatar

Two options for the dress code have been suggested to the Police Department by a designer from a city fashion studio. “After submitting several prototypes, the Police Department has shortlisted two outfits. However, they are yet to finalise one,” said Aakansha Maheshwari.

The new uniform

The shortlisted designs, include pant-shirt with waistcoat and salwar kameez with a waistcoat. This also works in terms of comfort, she adds. “The waistcoat will be of olive green colour and rest will be of khaki fabric,” she says, adding that the waistcoat can have pockets and belt for easy movement.

What does the change offer to the policewomen of Telangana?

  • First and foremost the new uniform would be more comfortable, protective and movement-friendly attire that would infuse the needed confidence to approach their duties with new heart.
  • Automatically it would improve the morale that had suffered a setback temporarily for a seemingly small reason but very important for any Indian woman.

Like every duty-bound human being, the policewoman approaches her duty with a clean conscience. She would like to give her best and there have been very many examples of women who shone in the course of their police career. So if something that was coming in the way of morale and resulting performance could be altered in a small change that could drastically alter the possibilities in a positive light, why not?

So like every optimistic individual wishing to see a turnaround for the better, Unnati Silks has always wished to see or hear good things happening in society, for its betterment and improvement in the mental health of individuals.

If the policewomen by a very slight change in the uniform get a new boost in their morale, approach their duties with confidence, they could also be producing heroines who would make their mark in the glorious chapters of Telangana police history.


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