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Article: Vrinda – an extension of the theme on Purity, begun by Pavni

Vrinda – an extension of the theme on Purity, begun by Pavni
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Vrinda – an extension of the theme on Purity, begun by Pavni

When the mind is pure, the intentions are pure. When the intentions are pure, the entire psyche is enveloped with the thought of doing good. So any action as a result achieves the good.

The holy plant Tulsi is also known as Vrinda, the pure and the auspicious. A land of customs and traditional observances, India has since long considered the Tulsi plant as pure and sacrosanct. The plant is placed in the front portion of the house in the belief that its purity would ward off all evil and is worshipped daily for prosperity. As a plant it also has its medicinal uses and as a herb, its leaves is somewhat considered a panacea for all ills by the science of Ayurveda.

As per Hindus scriptures, Tulsi is the symbol of purity, holiness and the presence of divinity. The Tulsi is worshipped at home as Krishna Tulsi and Rama Tulsi. Eight names of the Tulsi are chanted in the morning and evening for auspiciousness, good luck, peace and prosperity.

And for medicinal uses - from the common cold, spurts of coughing, flu to being a remedy for stress, anxiety, fatigue, sugar imbalance, Hyperthyroidism, the Type 2 diabetes, acne etc. the Tulsi leaves have their use.

Expanding on this theme of Purity, and on the heels of Pavni (the collection of pure handlooms of South India), we present Vrinda.

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The Vrinda collection at Unnati Silks

Extending on the theme of purity that started with Pavni, the Vrinda Collection consists of three beautiful ranges of sarees from the handloom belt of Central India.

  • The Chanderi cotton sarees with Shantanu block prints

What does one see in this Vrinda collection? A wonderful mix of geometric designs and flowers upon flowers arranged in beds and neatly arrayed on the smooth Chanderi cotton sarees. The Shantanu block prints, a style in block printing adopted in recent years, not only focus on a balance of symmetrical shapes and the free-hand floral designs but also pay attention to color combinations as well. Choosing colors like green, brown that signify the earthy hues against a white backdrop, the prints on the cotton fabric, have come out lovelier than anticipated.

The Chanderi saree has always been familiar for its mostly light to moderate hues in pleasing patterns, its most attractive feature being the large bootis. With plain to moderately adorned patterns or motifs and small but attractive coloured borders and exquisite pallus with some adornment, Chanderi sarees have been popular for the extremely fine texture and sheer quality.

It is the single filature method of weaving and the fineness of the yarn used that produces the outcome of a fabric so saree and so fine in texture, that it is a tribute to the spirit of the weavers who are the authors of such wonderful creations.

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  • The Vrinda Maheshwari silk cotton sarees with Shantanu block prints

Then you have the silk and cotton blends of Maheshwari, already known for excellent quality cotton, its use of colors and the royal touch in its workmanship. Plenty of florals again but this time ensconced in a field that allows good spread, but flanked on all sides by golden zari borders with significant width and filled with designs the pallu or end-piece is also decorated with a mix of symmetrical lines and shapes with flowing floral designs but given a generous treat of golden zari.

Maheshwari silk cotton sarees are known for their light weight, shiny lustre, and a fine display of colours, with brilliant motifs, an attractive Pallu and a border to match. The saree is known for its brilliant display of stripes, checks and exquisite floral borders with complementary contrast borders and tantalizing wide zari borders. Once aimed at export markets and regal clientele, the use of silver zari made it affordable and widely popular even in domestic markets.

A sustained traditional fabric, light and lustrous, the Maheshwari silk cotton sarees have captured the imagination of the market, with innovative patterns and exemplary workmanship.

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  • Pure Vrinda Linen saree with Shantanu block prints

 This range has some very desirable designs. You have shape forming printed motifs made from imaginative flowery arrangements in finely deciphered detail across the saree field. The border marvelously contrasts in colour being broad silver zari with designs in sets of prints in geometrical and floral combinations which extends more elaborately and described better on the Pallu or end piece which is an eye-catching affair.

 Why is Linen liked as a fabric?

  • Linen is the fabric that is used for bold experiments that has always enthused buyers. Sharp, finely detailed prints and various combinations on extra soft and finely woven high count linen that evolves into soft, smooth textured offerings that please the eye in all aspects.
  • Linen is acknowledged in the fashion industry as ‘the fabric for all seasons’ – one that is known to better cotton for the summer heat, is smooth in texture, soft to touch, absorbent; that keeps the body cool and comfortable at all times.
  • Fashion designers have perceived its wonderful qualities and envisaged its many possibilities as a trendy and vividly patterned line of apparel that would please the market.
  • In nice imaginative adornments and with such wonderful qualities as a fabric, linen with natural lustre and cool comfort, make linen apparel as great all-day wear for the Indian working woman and housewife a like. Coupled with endearing qualities like strength, resistance to abrasion and durability, is the ability to take on a whole lot of colors, shades & textures, making linen fabrics come in a wide range of variety and pricing.
  • Maintenance is simple and requires little care that other fabrics need, where subsequent washes of the linen clothing make them get softer. Linen being relatively easy to take care of, since it resists dirt and stains, has no pilling tendency, and can be dry-cleaned, machine-washed or steamed. It can withstand high temperatures, and has only moderate initial shrinkage. It is smooth, making the finished fabric lint-free.
  • Linen as pattern clothing makes you feel fresh for it’s non-sticky character and dress material may be tailored without any trouble. Clothing may be hand-washed or machine-washed with every subsequent wash making the linen reasonably softer.
  • Linen clothing is good for any time of the year.
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