Tried out a Double Pallu saree? If not, it will be a great opportunity to look stylish


The Indian drape, that is so popular and most worn by Indian women around the world, not to mention the so many other women of other nationalities who like its elegant look, comfortable feel and excellent maneuverability – is the saree.

Three parts of the saree – the main body or the field, the border/s and the most attractive feature that catches the attention first mostly is the pallu or the end-piece.  The most concentrated upon and decorated differently from the rest of the saree portions, the pallu always fascinates for its appearance upon which designers most times shower their attention.

When the famed saree stylist Shaina NC, known as an expert in draping styles and known for creating new and unconventional wearing ways gave the first glimpse of the double pallu, it had an astounding effect on the onlookers. A fascinating creation, the double-pallu style or getting the woman to be seen decorated with a pallu from either shoulder is revolutionary.

So if you are the adventurous sort and wish to try it out yourself, note the steps you should take to ‘wow’ your gathering or audience when you don it for an occasion.

Getting to master the double pallu style of wearing the saree

What you need to be ready with are two different coloured sarees, complementing each other in the best possible way, the in-skirt or petticoat, the contrasting blouse or crop top to contrast with both the sarees.

Step 1 – Drape the first saree as you would normally. Make sure that the pleats are tucked in the centre left of the petticoat. Maintain the correct length of the saree from waist to feet.

Step 2 - With the free or falling end of the pallu start making pleats (about 4 or 5) of your desired width. Now bring the pallu to the front and toss it to the left shoulder.

Step 3 – Secure the pallu at the top of the left shoulder with a pin and let the pallu fall freely at the back.

Step 4 – Now take up the second saree and make lower pleats like earlier. This time tuck the pleats at the centre right, overlapping the earlier pleats.

Step 5 – Make the pallu pleats neatly of the second saree and bring it back from the other side as done for the first saree.

Step 6 - Now, you have to do it in the front pallu style to display a graphic drape. Toss the pallu from the back to the front over the right shoulder and secure it with a pin. You are ready in your ‘double pallu’ saree.

Step 7 – Please note that the neat and proper use of safety pins is very important for a clean look of double saree style. You have to make sure that both the sarees are equivalently visible and put-together.

Isn’t the whole process so simple and the outcome really gorgeous? Well, try it a few times and get confident in the mix and match. The best part of this saree style is the matchless voluminous look and feminine appeal. And for the slim and svelte women, it is a style that will make them look extremely ravishing. Sprucing up the look with the right type of traditional Indian jewellery (preferably gold) and stylish but neat hairdo the wearer would be a femme fatale.

Telling Tips!

  • The choice of the hues of the sarees and more so based upon the occasion, will create an impression more favourable than expected.
  • Too many accessories would clash with the saree look or dilute the scintillating effect. Hand accessories like golden kada or a bracelet would be sensible and create the desired effect.
  • Footwear like pumps are good for completing a pretty picture. Psssst! Wear the pumps before you drape yourself in the sarees with double pallu style.
  • Avoid open locks or curly tresses with this saree draping style. It just won’t suit.
  • When you are quite good with two sarees, try it with a saree and dupatta applying the same principles.
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