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Article: The lovely combination of Banarasi silk cotton and Jamdani

The lovely combination of Banarasi silk cotton and Jamdani

The lovely combination of Banarasi silk cotton and Jamdani


Every once in a while it is time for something new to beckon to an eagerly expectant market. Something that appeals to the regular buyer as new, innovative and strikes a chord as something that is worth exploring.

Well you have before you a new range of the lovely combination of Banarasi silk cotton and the enchanting Jamdani work. This time around there is a new touch to it that has already appealed to the initial buyers.

Let us see what it offers!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]The Banarasi Silk Cotton with Jamdani from Unnati Silks
  • The Bengal Jamdani once restricted to Bengal is more universal today with different pockets across India using it to include among finely woven fabrics to further enhance them. So too in this case when the exclusive Banarasi Silk Cotton gets the Jamdani to improve its overall face value.
  • Crafted by the weavers of Uttar Pradesh, the Jamdani forms beautiful gardens of flowers in a myriad of colors across the various offerings.
  • The end portion has a lovely color border running across the length that catches the gaze.
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  • But here comes the interesting part. There is a wide carpet border of golden hue that bewitches. Woven through the wonderful jacquard attachment it forms part of the weave that is amazingly crafted symmetrically and without loose threads anywhere. In fact the weave that also includes floral motifs woven in jacquard is very attractive and can be said to be the USP for the offering.
  • The popular temple border design in zari fairly magnified compared to earlier versions should be enough to create buying interest. A feast for the eyes, one may say, why not explore early?
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A mention about the specialty of the Banarasi saree

The speciality of the Banarasi saree lies in its use of zari or rich gold and silver coloured thread work on motifs and brocades. The influence of Mughal designs is evident from the awesome floral and leafy motifs known as ‘kalga’ and ‘bel’ and outer border designs of upright leaves known as ‘Jhallar’. In addition the heavy gold work on the brocades, the compact weaving of the base fabric, the small detailing, metallic visual effects, the mesh pattern and the intricate embroidery work are all contributive towards making the Banarasi silk sari, a rich traditional offering and a national pride.

The brocade is woven on a draw loom through a special technique involving a supplementary weft. This ornamental addition through the revolutionary special arrangement known as ‘jacquard’ has expanded the horizons of pattern making on fabrics.


The Jamdani weaving

Added to this beautiful sight, intending to improve the aesthetic appeal, modern day Jamdani takes the form of cotton and gold thread weaving to create motifs of geometric patterns and floral designs in colourful hues. Jamdhani hand weaving has become a necessary accompaniment.


And to make things good for everyone you have the jacquard design

Woven fabrics manufactured by using the Jacquard attachment on the loom. This attachment provides intricate versatility in designs and permits individual control of each of the warp yarns. Thus, fabrics of almost any type or complexity can be made.

And pray why the silk cotton blend and not either of the two fibres alone?

Silk is a natural fibre that has strength, has a shimmery lustrous appearance, is airy, soft and comfortable and keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter. It has great acceptability in absorbing any colour of dye, drapes well and is a great rich-feel fabric that is sought for grand occasions.

Cotton is a moderately strong natural fibre; soft, airy, comfortable, and with no lustre. It too has good colour acceptability, a comforting feel, but does not drape as well as silk. It keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter.

So with a blend of the two fibers you get a fabric that literally encompasses the virtues of both.

Now that you have the information you need all you need is to set out to explore. Be it online or at stores, Do it now!

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