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Article: Stylish chic fashion garment of India – the Kurti part 1

Stylish chic fashion garment of India – the Kurti part 1
body shape

Stylish chic fashion garment of India – the Kurti part 1



Kurtistyle quotient of women in India and the Asian sub-continent, mostly worn with jeans, skirts and lehengas, sports a different look with different bottoms, accessories and footwear. People generally understand that kurti is of shorter length than conventional kurta, of lighter material, mostly worn tighter, with lengths from waist to just a few inches above the knees.

 Kurti versus Kurta

The basic difference is kurtas go anywhere from just above the knees to the calves. Kurtas are worn by both men and women. A kurta is worn with a loose fitting pyjama, a loose salwar, a skin tight chudidar or a wrapped around dhoti and is of cotton, silk or khadi.

Kurtis are much shorter and worn only by women. Slightly tighter than the kurta, the Indian tunic is most times worn over jeans or a skirt, is of considerably light material and is considered a classy top.

Where is the Kurti worn?

The Kurti is worn mostly in the Asian sub-continent in countries like India, Bangla Desh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and some other countries where there are pockets of NRI population.

Body types for the Kurti

Five different types of body shapes define the structure of the body


  1. Apple Shape - Apple shape body usually carries the weight around the mid part and has medium or large bust size, no waist definition and has a fairly large tummy.
  2.  Pear Shape - Pear shape body is characterized by smaller shoulders and bust with heavier hips and thighs with waist definition. Many Indian women have pear shape body.
  3. Inverted triangle shape - Large shoulders, upper body broader than hips, skinny thighs and little or no waist definition.
  4. Square Shape - Square shape body has slight waist definition with same width upper body and hips. Square shape is lacking in curves.
  5. Hour Glass Shape - Upper body and hips have almost same width with waist definition. This body shape called curvy figure is very popular among teenage girls

Good-looking fit for the Kurti

For good looking fit and being appreciated all around, one of the critical points to focus upon is wearing a Kurti suited to the body type.

For Apple shaped

Preferred                                                                                                                                                  pkk418_s_3

Dark Color kurti that make one look slim in cotton or silk. The neckline should be simple shaped, V shaped and embellished with embroideries and light design.  Flare and cuff sleeves improve matters.

To be avoided

Shapeless or loose fitting kurti, that falls away from the tummy or a yoked style one that draws attention to the upper body. Kurti does not go well with Patiala or shalwar.                                                                   pkk302_s

For Pear shaped


Light coloured Kurtis with dark coloured Patialas for a balanced look. Kurti with collar pattern, boatneck, square neck with bishop or rouched sleeves and slightly longer kurti.

To be avoided                                                                                                                                                  

Body hugging fabrics, tight bottoms that highlight the lower half.                                                                    pkk208_s_2

 For Inverted triangle shape                                                                                                                            


Kurti with soft sleeves, like raglans and defining the waist. Collar-less Kurti with horizontal stripes and prints, flaring at the waist. Low U, V necklines.

To be avoided

Shoulder pads and strong shoulder details. No high necklines and bulky collar pattern.                        pkk293_s

 For Square shape                                                                                                                                             


Kurtas suit this body type. Belted Kurti or one that tightens waist or torso to define waist shape. Anarkali style kurti with slim bottoms but what centrally tighten at the waist line. Kurti with front panel detailing and pleating.                Block-Printed-Kurtis

To be avoided

Straight tight kurti and loose fitting one too

 For Hour Glass shape


Waist defining kurti giving proper shape to the curves. Fit and flare kurti with classic work. Low and bust enhancing necklines to pkk311_s_1slim down upper body. Kurti should extend just below the hips. Bottom should be straight and hugging around the hips.

To be avoided

Loose ill-fitting kurti that hides the curves, bulky pattern fit that makes the wearer look fat.

Kurti combinations

  1. indianpatiyalasawaranddupattaKnee length and long kurti with matching leggings, Patiala, suit almost any age of woman and almost any occasion.
  2. Kurtis and jeans mostly worn by mid-age women and college girls. Hem length and hip length kurtis go well with skinny, fitted denims. Black and blue denims are easily matched with any kurtis.
  3. For the trendy and modish, nothing like formal print waist length loose kurti tunic paired with shorts.
  4. Short skirt goes well only with short kurti. Long skirt does well with short and waist length ones.kurti-
  5. Short knee length kurtis combine well with leggings to make the wearer look slim and trim.
  6. Adventurous fashion has evolved the tunic or kurti as a dress. Frock style kurtis serve for fashion at college parties and informal occasions.

 Striking it righ

  • Kurtis of linen, cotton, khadi fabrics are ideal choice for office and regular wear
  • Party wear kurtis are crafted with flowing and graceful materials like silk, georgette, brocade, chiffon etc.
  • For wedding and evening bash, Kurtis having embellished neckline, heavy work along with stone, beads, pearls and sequins and fancy lace work design at finish line, suit.
  • Alternatively to go simple and sober, plain kurti detailing with beautiful motifs and patches, would be the right choice.
  • Full sleeves, sleeveless, ¾ sleeves kurtis are for semi formal occasions. Choice in necklines could be sweetheart neck, patterned neck, V neck etc.

 Tips to Wear Kurti

  1. ALong kurti goes well with tight skinny jeans, trouser and legging. Short, waist length kurti looks good on boot cut pants.
  2. Plain goes well with patterned jeans, pant and trouser. Embellished kurti does well on plain legging, churidar and leggings.
  3. For eye-catching look, kurti and bottom colours must contrast.
  4. Short kurti suits a skirt. Embroidered kurti over adorned skirt adds class. Additionally dupatta or stole elevates appeal.
  5. Heels with kalidar or Anarkali style kurti provides perfect style and fashionable appeal, the perfect look for parties.
  6. Flats go well with a pair of tight jeans and kurti, making you look ultra cool and modern. College girls and working women prefer this style.Biba-Purple-Kurtis-with-pink-leggings-2926-322843-1-product2
  7. Dark kurtis plain and single colored give a lean look.             
  8. Kurtis that are thick, shiny and heavily textured make the wearer look out of place. Instead they should be of soft cotton or thin fabric and figure friendly such as silk, polyester and wool.
  9. Perfect fit of kurtis adds appeal with shapely and curvy look. Loose or tight makes the wearer look ill at ease.
  10. Short is good for average build. If bottom part and hips are heavy, long single kurti is great.
  11. Accessories play an important part in dressing up. Mix and match jewelry, right cosmetics, elongated and asymmetrical shapes that make the face seem slim and long help. Round shapes, sunglasses etc. are to be avoided.

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