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Article: Showcasing the best of ethnic weaves – through the Masterpiece Collection

Showcasing the best of ethnic weaves – through the Masterpiece Collection

Showcasing the best of ethnic weaves – through the Masterpiece Collection

[vc_row][vc_column width="2/3"][vc_column_text]Traditional weaves evolve over a long period and knowledge transfer is from the elementary method of seeing and doing by example.  No formal training, no pedagogy from experts, no facilities to experiment, no modern devices to automate and iterate. Yet in unbiased comparison, the traditionally woven fabric that is mostly from skill and intuition has a charm and appeal that is sadly missing from the offerings of modern machines.
The colour schemes over a range, their unusually appealing combinations, the brightness and lustre, the uniqueness of each fabric, the adornments, the patterns, the motifs that separate saree from saree,  are all pointers to a single fact – every single fabric is woven with care.
The Masterpiece Saree collection known as “Devotion” is a stupendous effort from MSD and Unnati, a noble attempt from a team of like-minded individuals espousing the cause of ‘revival of traditional art and ethnic styles’.
Through this showcasing of traditional excellence in a display of various styles on this platform, it is a bid to highlight the exemplary showpieces of Indian heritage and pay a tribute to the master weavers of India and their teams at the grass root level, with whom both are closely associated.
The churning out of such magnificent ethnic hand crafted creations, speaks volumes of the skills, effort and sustained dedication of these artisans spread over quality time. Devoted to their task, these artisans, be they from Chattisgarh, Kanchipuram or Orissa, or any other part of India, use their talents and exercise such care that the resulting fabrics are flawless, exceptional and exquisite masterpieces.
Be it the different styles of weaving on different fabrics or the dynamic colour combinations, be it the intricate embroidery or the fine detailed hand painting, be it the miniature block printing or a fine patola weave, the ethnic skills come to the fore in all their glory to produce such superb pieces of art. No wonder India has been done proud by this ancient heritage sustained through the ages, passed down from generation to generation in a bid not to lose it through indifference.
Traditional art can survive only through patronage and the encouragement of an appreciative market that will ensure a steady and continued need for these exquisite offerings that consume the skills, time and energy of these ethnic experts.
Unnati Silks shares with MSD, a long-standing association with master weavers and teams since more than two decades. Both have since long, similar views, a common platform with regard to revival of Indian ethnic and deep mutual respect.
The outcome of fusion of trending and traditional through designer prints, a variety of patterns, matching adornments and in a lot of colours and shades, is on display here. We do hope this joint effort shall help re-kindle the Indian spirit and entice the fashion lovers the world over, to help our efforts in bringing back the glory of past days through fresh opportunities for these extraordinary craftsmen to continue wooing the fabric world.
Some jewels from the masterpiece collection  
The heirloom pure tussar silk saree in rich cream with Indian musical instruments like the table, sitar and shehnai done in red and maroon kalamkari adorning it all over is a masterpiece. With a border having a red pure dupion silk lining and a rich zardozi and kundan work adorned patch border lining both sides of the saree it heightens the allure. And the designer pallu with intricate zardosi, kundan work and cut dana work makes this ethnic wonder a topper. A royal piece, the grandeur and perfection has to be seen to be realized.
There is this pink and orange colour kanchipuram pure silk saree. It has a lot of tribal dancing women across the fabric embellished with rich zardozi and kundan work. All through is a rich kundan work on  tribal art hand painting border. The pallu is a grand affair of scenes from the Ramayana depicted and richly adorned with zardosi, kundan work and Kantha embroidery. A rich anniversary purchase or a collector’s item indeed!
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