The quiet elegance of Andhra Handloom sarees



For a region that has been split into two states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the handloom industry is still unaffected and maintains them as Andhra handlooms like in the unified state situation. Known as the rice bowl of South India, and with other advancements in industry, the Andhra region can also boast of having the highest number of traditional weaving centres or handloom centres in the whole of India. Andhra Handlooms are the symbol of harmony and simplicity while still maintaining a dignified existence. Handlooms that include pure handloom cotton and rich lustrous cotton silk pattu sarees, Andhra Handlooms are known for their quiet play in colors, neither dull or pale nor very bright. The Andhra Handloom sarees speak of soft womanly allure and slightly rich feel. No wonder these sarees have got a good response from the market.

 f7967f495c59b92e52a384fbb16bc099What is special about Andhra Handlooms?                                                               04b-indira-sonia1

 Andhra handloom sarees are simple weaves of smooth texture, soft feel, that are in attractive colors, vibrant but not hitting the eye. Good count weaves, the lattice is fine for elaborate prints, but the general patterns are simple geometric or light distributed motifs with captivating borders in varied colors. There is nothing highlighted nor attention centric, yet the saree as a whole by virtue of its simple color play and contrast borders , provides elegance and allure to the wearer of the saree. Zari does play an important part in times and the lustre and shine that is sometimes observed, is due to the indulgence in them for the borders and decorating the motifs or patterns in the design.



The enviable collection of Andhra Handlooms at Unnati Silks

 There is a fine range of Andhra Khadi cotton sarees that are soft on the senses, with appealing color play on the borders. You have a single band of color as border all along on both sides of the saree, flanked by simple contrasting color stripes on either side of it. The simple unadorned pallu is a quiet match to the rest of the body color. Like is said, simple elegance is quietly beautiful.

Smita_Saree_Photoshoot_for_Aalayam_New_Stills(2)@Andhra365There is a special range of Andhra handlooms at Unnati Silks that has simple offerings in cotton, exclusive silk and cotton blend pattus. The pure handloom cotton sarees with the checks pattern of lightly adorned to distributed motifs in bright colors with contrast borders would do well for the casual occasions, be it office, school or college, for regular use, for the informal parties, social gatherings, outings etc. The zari laden borders are for the more exclusive cotton silk plain field pattus that would do very well for weddings, large parties, festivals, traditional functions. There are two variations in borders, each liked by their own following. There are equal borders on the top and bottom in shining lustrous zari on both sides of the dark field. In the more grandiose version you have rich sparkling zari borders at the top and bottom but the bottom border is wide and eye-catching for the excessive width. While both versions are for the exclusive weddings, grand parties, festivals etc., the latter also does well for bridal attire.  Sometimes the pure handloom cotton sarees have color play with contrasting color stripes of different widths for the top and bottom borders. The Pallu or end piece would also be having the same design or pattern, to maintain the continuity.

 Andhra Handlooms appeal to the market for their judiciously combined colors, the fineness of the weave, the very  simple and plain offerings that are easy on the eyes, make the women look taller, and to put it simply are ‘eloquence personified’.

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