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Article: Pochampally Ikat Dupattas – stunningly sensational Indian ethnic creations

Pochampally Ikat Dupattas – stunningly sensational Indian ethnic creations
attractive motifs

Pochampally Ikat Dupattas – stunningly sensational Indian ethnic creations

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The appeal of handloom fabrics lies in the ethnic hand woven techniques employed to churn out fine, soft, transparent, airy, light and aesthestically appealing fabrics. The choice of vibrant colours, the use of organic dyes, the quality of weaving, the employment of limited resources; yet outcomes are a sensational mix with borders, designs, patterns, motifs, themes, hand painting and exquisite embroidery that even modern day methods fail to match. It is an amalgam or delightful blend of ethnic skill, care and MI2-1-800x700devotion. The Dupatta, the scarf or the stole brought out as handloom fabrics woven with dedication and care is a worthy addition to a new range of handloom products.

The Dupatta - essential complement to the salwar kameez

No salwar suit is complete without the separate 2 metre plus, covering piece or the Dupatta. As accompaniment to the salwar kameez, suitably adorned to match, as contrast or complement, the dupatta, stole, shawl or chunni as it is called, offers itself as backdrop for captivating patterns, designer motifs, canvas for exotic block prints and abstract designs, lends suitable support for magical thread work or exquisite embroidery, or allows breezy floral landscapes to infuse a new freshness in the surroundings. An engaging fabric, one finely woven handloom cotton or silk dupatta easily pairs nicely with different salwar kameez. The plain or well-adorned colourful dupatta has utilitarian functions also. Used as a protective scarf in windy conditions, it serves as a stole or shawl in cold weather, turns into a handy fabric for reverence when visiting a Gurudwara (sikh temple) or a cover for the head in the presence of elders in the family or visitors. In passing it may be mentioned that this decorative fabric serves beyond its useful life as chunni by its aesthetic appeal as light colourful curtains or room separators in a house. Many other uses can also be envisaged where it serves to make creatively attractive environs within the house.

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Ikkat – a special process, of pattern formation on fabrics.                                  

The specialty of ikat lies in the dark and light thread designs formed on handloom fabrics, from a calculated and complex tie & dyeMI1 colouring process that sets of patterns as soon as the weaving takes place. Patterns drawn on paper or borne in mind, take shape through the complex routine of tying resists on colour preventing areas on the warp or weft threads (single ikat) and both (double ikat) and then dyeing the fabric. Removal of the resists after drying causes the resist or un-dyed areas to become the light portions in the ikat patterns and the dyed areas the dark portions. Thus the design is formed as light and dark thread patterns across the fabric as an integral part of it. Time-consuming, elaborate preparations of resist tying with precise calculation of areas where the patterns have to appear on the fabric, the resulting outcomes are new-look and captivating. Bigger the area, more the time and effort consumed, it is the dedicated effort of a few traditional hubs that weave such magical creations.

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MI7-800x700The special appeal of the Pochampally ikat dupattas at Unnati Silks

Unnati Silks has a long-standing, ripe and enduring three-decade association with traditional weavers across the country. In striving for providing a platform for showcasing traditional weaves that speak volumes about the skill, art and craftsmanship of Indian weavers, Unnati has with its unerring pulse on the market and its changing tastes, included a new range of hand weaved dupattas in its line of Indian ethnic products.

An ever interesting range with periodic changes, keeps the market interested in the traditional weaves of fashionable outcomes churned out by the Pochampally ikkat handloom cottons. A special designer line of dupattas or stoles making use of innovative patterns like wavy lines, zigzag shapes, engaging designs, abstract combinations, the Pochamally ikat shawls like always have a strangely bewitching appeal. A judicious use of colours and combining them well with exotic designs, the average becomes the extraordinary, the extraordinary becomes the sensation. The Pochampally shawls or chunnis like its other fabrics are different, appealing and very much designer.

 Indian varieties have brought out extremely fine handloom weaves in different ethnic styles, each of them uniquely woven, caringly adorned, colourfully expressed and exotically attractive. Traditional by way of weave and adornments, trendy by way of incorporating current-day tastes in patterns and designs, Indian ethnic is seamless fusion that is remarkably ageless.

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Traditional by way of weave and adornments, trendy by way of incorporating current-day tastes in patterns and designs, Indian ethnic is seamless fusion that is remarkably ageless.   

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