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Article: Know your craft - Sambalpuri Handlooms - From the Gifted Land of Odisha

Know your craft - Sambalpuri Handlooms - From the Gifted Land of Odisha
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Know your craft - Sambalpuri Handlooms - From the Gifted Land of Odisha

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sambalpuri Handlooms | Weavers of Sambalpur, Orissa | Sambalpuri Cotton and Silk Sarees, Salwar Suits
If there is a garment that enhances the womanly look and appeal in comely allure it is the Indian saree. More so, if it is draped eloquently and in picturesque fashion, it becomes sensational.
03072014-dv-sambalpuri-sarees-silk-cotton-weavers-handlooms-of-orissa-sambalpur (4)If you wish to flaunt your curves and portray your sense of style by allowing your drapes to speak, you should choose the ethnic weaves that have captured the market by storm and mesmerised the fashion world – the Sambalpuris.
Sambalpuri sarees are India’s heritage and these sarees that once used geometrical patterns and themes of flora and fauna, today include landscapes, nature, and sometimes religious subjects as themes that are also hand painted on these handloom fabrics.
Shanka, chakra, or other religious motifs that are traditional are still popular but now floral pattern motifs may also be seen on the base fabric, with designer colours and patterns chosen to provide the traditionally woven ‘Bhulia Kapta’ saree, the modern look.
Sambalpuris come in both silk and cotton fabrics as well as blends. Sambalpuri sarees have their origin in the tribal belt of Sambalpur, in Odisha State, India and reflect an ancient handicraft called BandhaKala.
The Unnati range of Sambalpuris includes a wide variety of silk and cotton handlooms that showcase the brilliance of ethnic weaves and tribal art. Displaying a wide range of ethnic sarees of varied styles across the length and breadth of India Unnati has also favoured fusion fabrics that incorporate modern tastes in the traditional weaving without diluting the heirloom value of the fabric.[/vc_column_text][vc_gallery type="image_grid" interval="3" images="5182,5181,5180,5179,5178,5177,5176,5175,5174" onclick="custom_link" custom_links_target="_blank" img_size="245x325" custom_links=",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"][vc_column_text]
This has been possible only through a 3 decade old association with master weavers and craftsmen pan India who have contributed their mite in ensuring seamless Fusion and fine blends in ethnic creations.
Sambalpuris are striking fabrics - colourful, minutely detailed and extraordinary.
The Sambalpuri Bomkai is a brilliant variant that appeals on account of its splendid depictions of nature, flora and fauna on its Sambalpuri Handlooms | Weavers of Sambalpur, Orissa | Sambalpuri Cotton and Silk Sarees, Salwar Suitsfabrics. It is very much preferred for grand and exclusive occasions such as religious functions, festivals and weddings.
Themes such as Krishna Raas Lila (Lord Krishna and his dance with the Gopis), Ayodhya Vijay (Ram’s conquest of Ayodhya after felling the Demon King Raavan, chosen as subjects and with fine detailing using organic dyes on these sarees have been so exquisite that they are a class apart.
Sambalpuri cotton sarees find preference for daily-wear as well as for casual Sambalpuri Handlooms | Weavers of Sambalpur, Orissa | Sambalpuri Cotton and Silk Sarees, Salwar Suitsoccasions and generally housewives and college-goers choose to wear them.
The grander Sambalpuri Silk Saree,  woven using the same methods but with threads of pure silk, mulberry silk, or tussar silk. Latest designs and unique patterns with hand woven borders and artistic pallus produce a rich look, making them suitable for marriages and bridal wear.
The Modern designer sambalpuris are creative wonders.
You have brilliantly hued designer pure sambalpuri silks that look ravishing and grand and a perfect choice for weddings and exclusive occasions. You also have the fine fusion varieties  of sambalpuri features incorporated in the Rasipuram silk weaves of the south to produce breath-taking designs and thread work creations.
There are varieties to the Sambalpuri with names given based on the place of their Sambalpuri weaves. Bararh, Sonepur, Sambalpur, Bolangir (district), Boudh (district) are locations that weave the traditional Sambalpuris. Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Bapta are the variety names for the different types of Sambalpuris.
The traditional ‘Bandhakala’, had once lost its glory but thanks to the painstaking toil and devoted efforts of Sri Radheshyam Meher, known for his invention of the handloom that first wove textiles of ninety inches width, and a string of like-minded souls who followed, the Sambalpuris have recovered their lost shine.Every year there are textile exhibitions in the state held in his honour.
A technique that involves applying bindings to resist dye penetration to threads in pre-determined patterns, these dyed threads are woven to produce the desired pattern.
Within the ikkat style are variants of single-ikkat and double-ikkat.
Alternately tie-die method of weaving and then dyeing, known as ‘bandhakala’ is also used. Here the threads are first woven and the resist bindings then applied to the fabric before dyeing it
 Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi used to wear the Sambalpuris in the 80s that had brought it to the nation’s gaze.

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