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Article: Fruit of the Loom - Craft of Chanderi's

Fruit of the Loom - Craft of Chanderi's
chanderi sarees

Fruit of the Loom - Craft of Chanderi's

dv260514chanderi (1)Long Live the Chanderis – Colorful And Charming As Always.
A new wave of ‘Chanderi Breeze’ has entered the market.
Known for its stylistic Bootis and extraordinary thread work on its fine weaves in silk, the entry of the Chanderi Saree in its new avatar of fusion Sicos (blends in silk and fine cotton) has again sparked fresh interest in a fabric that has since traditional times never ceased to amaze.
Let us see what makes this new range of Chanderi Sicos so special
The Chanderi silk is familiar for its light to moderate hues in pleasing patterns and its most attractive feature – the large bootis. With plain to moderately adorned patterns or motifs and small but attractive coloured borders and exquisite pallus with some adornment, Chanderi Silks have always been popular for the extremely fine texture, sheer quality that is part of a marvelous display in art and design.
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The new Chanderi Sicos from Unnati Silks in addition display an extraordinary fusion of Designer prints and Patola weave as also a new array of checks and neon varieties.
Designer Floral prints in one half, brilliantly complemented by self colour mango bootis in brilliant Neon in the other half have started a new trend and given a fresh line for the Chanderis.
Not to be outdone, the stylish checks have also come in with new vigor in a splash of Neon and extremely good color combinations.
Unnati Silks, with a fine range of Chanderi Silks, Cottons and the new wave sicos, have always appreciated the style that has dv260514chanderi (2)maintained the unique qualities of fineness and exclusivity despite changing times.
The elegance, and the grandeur that the Chanderi Saree lends to the wearer, makes it ideal for parties, marriages or social functions. It also serves very well as corporate-wear, for seminars, inaugural functions and exclusive gatherings.
The weaving of the Chanderi Sarees, be it in silk, cotton or sico has always extracted a lot of patience, dedication and craftsmanship in the making.
What one must admire is the extraordinary spirit of the weavers behind them that has led to a traditional fine art in weaves to continue unabated despite troubled times that have threatened its very existence.

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