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Article: Dressing formal yet looking chic

Dressing formal yet looking chic
Dress code

Dressing formal yet looking chic

There was a time when the office attire stuck to a rigid disciplinary style that forbade any hint of attractiveness or the ‘seemingly fashionable’ look. Some organizations might have made things boring by prescribing a uniform while those that did not, spelt out administrative guidelines that clearly stated what could be worn and what should be given the go-bye.

Gone like a bad dream, women suddenly have realized a freedom that allows them to dress as they will within a ‘dress code’ that merely states the type of attire and its ‘decent limits’ within which they would have to stick to dressing for the sake of uniformity and office decorum.

While organizations do maintain that the ‘dress code’ keeps things in check before things get out of hand and it assumes a daily fashion parade, the official eye does bend or look the other way when some women tend to come looking quite different from the lot and get ‘attentive glances’ all around.

And of course the fashion crowd has also obliged with the times. Today while they create outfits for all sorts of occasions and events, they have also paid attention for the liberated woman’s need of office wear to look in accordance with the spirit of the times – freed of the shackles of stereotype and conformity, and giving wings to the imagination.

The same thing said above could be expressed much better in images that show the change and cheer of what Indian women wear to the office in today’s age.  There are also the handy tips that help in not only the choice of sarees, the colors to flaunt, the accompaniments and the +accessories to pair etc., but also what could help in looking good and fashionable.

        1. Color makes a difference

While at the workplace it reflects our attitude of focus and purpose towards the work. Knowing this the mature professional tends to go in for the mellow colors, the pastel hues, the earthy shades that while enriching the environment do not call too much attention to the wearer.

Bold prints in vibrant colors, patterns that are eye-smacking are a definite no-no.  

2. The blouse also matters

The blouse is an accompaniment to the saree and should rightly complement the saree.

The same color as the saree is best, but one can always wear the soft colors that match. This is known through observation and experimenting.

It should be comfortable, not reveal much and not be very over ornate with embroidery, that it draws attention.

Boat necks and collar necks, the long sleeves and edgy back designs are ways to make the blouse stand out, yet not trying to grab attention.

        3. The right fabric elevates the appearance

Cotton is the most preferred fabric, but the care is also very tiresome. Starched they look neat and crisp but also crease fast. With every wash come the wrinkles that have to be smooth-ironed which is quite cumbersome.

For regular wear, fabrics like dupion silk, rayon, chiffon and georgette, that are smooth flowing, light, fairly absorbent and which come with pretty designs would be good to choose from. Rayon especially is widely popular. The chiffons and georgettes are also good but if the quality of the fabric were to be inferior then it would show you in a poor light.

Fabric varieties play a big role at times. Organdy in pastel colors, the light colored georgette, the light printed silk chiffon, the block printed or Bandhani cotton Sarees, the Bengal cotton with zari border, the pure linen sarees, the soft textured Andhra handlooms or the wonderful designer Kanchi cottons make for good choices to wear to the office on a daily basis.

The simple plain black cotton saree with zari border or the simple cotton printed saree at times works wonders for business meetings that not only shows a dressing sense but also that you are serious about your work.

       4. Choosing the Design of the saree

While bold prints get bad satres, the medium-size work best to spruce up your appearance. The small motifs, in floral, geometric or the abstract appear nice and make you look thinner than you are.

Some prefer the nice plain solid colored sarees with the simple contrast borders. They can never go wrong.

Embroidered sarees can safely be given a miss for the office. If the color is nice, then let it be there without calling for attention.

 5. The Right Accessories

Nothing wrong with accessorizing wearing office wear sarees. The slight glam quotient shows the woman of the world comfortable wherever she be without beckoning for attention.

It is that simple earring or a slightly catchy bangle or necklace that would work wonders. Improving the feminine charm it also brightens things around. Oxidized silver jewellery or matching delicate fashion pieces boost your look wonderfully. Wooden and terracotta pieces are supposed to do justice if selected carefully.

And of course using too many accessories at once makes you look like an overstuffed doll.

         6. Simple Hairstyles

Naturally the crown, the most obviously noticed has to be nice and neatly decked. Keep your hair clean and your style neat, and you are bound to look edgy.  Fine ponytails, sleek hair buns, well braided hair or a simple blow-dried hair are few styles you can try without the fear of overdoing your hair. They all look so incredibly chic with your sarees.

7.  Keep the Make-up to a minimum

Decorum is the need of the environment at the office and the glaring red lipstick or a shimmery high lighter could do sufficient damage to your self-esteem if it were to be pointed out repeatedly. One can look attractive with a kohl or mild colored lipstick without creating a fuss all around.

  8. And of course wear your Watch to the Office

Women from the time they donned their small timepieces to office have been perceived as women of attitude and focus having clarity on what they want to do and when. It also rubs in the mark of professionalism. So if you are not in the habit of wearing your simple but elegant watch to office, do so henceforth. The looks you would get would pleasantly surprise you.

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