The colors of Holi and Unnati Silks


March 6th, 2015 – day when most people from all walks of society across India and now, even overseas, shall put their cares behind, ill-will aside, and participate in a mad frenzy of exchanging colours, dry and wet, to celebrate the once-a-year festival of harmony and happiness. For it is Holi, Rangwali Holi or Dhulandi! the all-year awaited occasion when colours fill the air, stick to apparel, spread all over the place and give a ‘face-lift’ to all who venture outside, not to mention the uplift in feelings too.

Holi is enjoyed thoroughly for a day and the yearning of its joy lasts till the next year. The one occasion when man acknowledges and celebrates colour in gay abandon, what Nature has provided for him as a palette.

 Unnati Silks and colour

The festival is enjoyed by the small family of 200 plus too at Unnati, and while most play Holi for a day, Unnati believes in playing Holi-Color-Powders-cover-photosthe year around. Working over three decades with traditional handlooms, it is not mere weaving that that attracts its customers, it is not merely the choice of designs, patterns and other additions to enhance that look, but the colours that as a central force, bind all these together as an amalgam of forces destined to churn out stunning and innovative creations the year around.   Good market research, judicious colour combinations and precisely executed by the finest ethnic artisans in the land, varieties across India are served as pure and fusion versions to choose from. If one thing Unnati lacks, it is allowing the customer to make simple choices from a range to pin down, zeroing-in has never been easy for any customer of Unnati with the array of each being better than the previous.

 holi-india-pictures-2Unnati’s world of colours

Talking about Unnati Silks and its close association with colours, one does not know where to start. Would one prefer the colours of the Southern Handloom sarees with the likes of Narayanpet, Uppada, Pochampally, Dharmavaram, Gadwal, Mysore, Kanchipuram, Rasipuram, Arani or Chettinad? Or the Bengal Handloom sarees like Jamdhani, Tant, Baluchari, Kantha, Dhaka cotton and the Odisha wonders of Sambalpuri, Patachitra and Bomkai? The extraordinary North east versions of Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland Or the sensational virtuous works of Rajkot Patola, Paithani, Chanderi, Maheshwari and Benarasi? And of course why not the designer  modern printed handloom cotton sarees, the exotic Batik art, the fancy modern art painting series, the exclusive Warli painted sarees?  The range is vast, the spread wide, the variety awesome, and naturally the colours mind-blowing.

Unnati Silks’ love for natural colours

Unnati acknowledges, that life or nature has provided such a technicolour world for us to revel in, which one need only to visualize properly, and that it is impossible to match the colours however hard man tries. The red of the vermillion, the parrot’s plumage, the tomato fruit, the apple, the color of blood and scores of other examples bear testimony to the fact that red is primary, its shades innumerable. So too, with blue and green, the other two primary colours; that come alive in all shades and hues. The rest of the colour spectrum as we all know is but combinations and mixes but how very thrilling and exciting.


Today it is a digital world and many of the colours are reproduced and given names. Yet Nature keeps springing surprises by newer discoveries and finds that add to the list.

Unnati has a love for nature and believes that Nature’s beauty is best enjoyed in its pristine and unadulterated forms. Natural substances like fruits, vegetables and organic material like turmeric, saffron and a host of other substances are the eco-friendly ones which add life without causing harm.

 They support preservation and last long, an enviable quality that cannot be duplicated. Yes, they are not economical but could be made so with more whole-hearted efforts of like-minded thinkers and support of good government policies that support the green cause and the use of eco-friendly colours.

Chemical colours by artificial means are available cheaper and in abundance. Yet they pollute the environment, both air and water, cause damage to living organisms within and cause many other linked problems. Despite the obvious effects government legislation has yet to come down hard to limit its use.

 Unnati’s helping hand in selecting

Every woman loves colours but based on her psyche is attracted to some colurs more than the others. What goes into the like is another matter altogether but each wman is first pulled towards some colors and then gradually those around her mould her tastes. Unnati’s world of fashion involved in researching the market innately understands what goes into colour combinations to suit certain complexion and skin tones.

Here are some suggestions.

  • A parrot green organza silk saree with Ganga Jamuna borders of purple and pink with a lovely three colour pink, light blue and purple colour bands pallu, set off nicely with a matching pink coloured blouse.
  • Pale and bright shades of purple in checks on the Rajkot cotton saree with floral appliqué decorations in red and white distributed evenly here and there within the zari lined squares. The deep golden zari borders and the cream coloured small temple design all along it and large temple pattern on the pallu, lend awesome colour variety and elegance.
  • The malmal cotton saree with multi-colour vertical stripes all across the saree, with dark coloured sharp detailed figurines all along the border and a designer pallu with a sensational mix of abstract design and figurines in battle alternated, lend a sensational look to the wearer.
  • The multi-colour Panipat art silk hand brush paint with a kaleidoscopic mix of color in design, floral art, plain lustrous golden coloured weave, so tastefully done is a creative display of colour panorama.
  • DSC_0017-Aps
  • The royal kalamkari tussar silk saree that has depictions of varius gods interspersed with beautiful floral art is a more subdued but more colourful offering. Tribal art and finesse at its best.
  • Then again you have the magenta patachitra , pure silk Odisha handloom saree that speaks of class and craftsmanship. while ou have flora and fauna on two decorative borders either side, the pallu is a marvellous narration of Krishna Leela in Zari interspersed with a vibrant colour palette that provides aura and awesomeness to the wearer of the saree.
  • The jute art silk saree that carries a stripes pattern of designs in earthy colors  and flanked by the wide Neon orange border  all around gives a fine display of catchy colors and the effect of contrast. A saree that would get multiple looks.
  •  If this is not a colour riot what is? this georgette saree of bright neon yellow plain and striking has a green and black combination of floral art on the border all around.a thin violet brder flanks it on the outer all along. Teamed with a violet cloured blouse, it is ‘wow’ all the way.
  •  If the dazzle was too much, the subdued and sober checks saree of Samudrika handlooms with deep blue and mild light colors in the checks throughout and light borders with a hint towards flaming orange on the Pallu gives the sober touch of quiet elegance.

Colour fills the heart, thrills the senses, brings out the best in every human being, if suited to the persona of that individual. It is the confidence of the wearer, the envy of the onlookers and brings life to the environs. If we choose rightly we stand to gain tremendously and with following and favour.

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Unnati Silks endeavours just that little nudge to get every woman the cozy space she justly deserves in society.  


Dark Magenta Pink Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75285Dark Magenta Pink Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75285
Dark Blue-White Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75284Dark Blue-White Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75284
Blue Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75283Blue Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75283
Green-Yellow Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75282Green-Yellow Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75282
Dark Purple Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75281Dark Purple Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75281
Baby Pink Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75280Baby Pink Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75280
Black Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75279Black Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75279
Blue-Pink Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75278Blue-Pink Pure Cross Weave Plain Cotton Linen Saree With Tassels-UNM75278