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Article: An undying thirst for the Bandhani patterns satiated partly through a new range of fabrics

An undying thirst for the Bandhani patterns satiated partly through a new range of fabrics

An undying thirst for the Bandhani patterns satiated partly through a new range of fabrics


From the time that the desert lands of Gujarat (Kutch) and the sand dunes of Rajsthan, gave Bandhani to the world, the two-way romance has ever been there. The market waiting expectantly for the captivating patterns and new designs, the weavers and artisans making the whole-hearted effort to see, that something new and interesting was provided. The romance has continued to bloom as ever.

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What an art it is!

When you tell somebody that the patterned designs arrive after selected portions on the fabric are tied by string or thread in knots, dyed and then the knots removed, they would simply scoff at a story cooked up nicely.

Yea, it indeed is like a fairytale and a mesmerising one at that. Only for the fairytale to take effect, the calculations have to be accurate and the knots must be tied in the correct places before the dyeing is done. Once the dyeing is over and the knots are removed, Voila! The panorama unfolds before your eyes. A new pattern, a new arrangement, a new design from a whole range for you to choose from!

UnnatI Silks and its fresh Bandhani weaves collection

From the time It has been associated with handlooms in 1980, Unnati Silks has had a penchant for always having a whole ‘hand of flavours’ in the colorful Bandhani.

Unnati Silks has a four decade stint with handloom sarees already and Bandhani handloom sarees are a part of its vast and exclusive collection of sarees under one roof, available both wholesale and retail online at attractive prices both online and offline at its stores in Hyderabad.

The Unnati Silks collection of tie & dye fabrics especially in the handloom cotton range is worth exploring for the color combinations, the  exquisite display of captivating patterns of Bandhani and its varied patterns. Dot fantasies, wave spreads, criss cross color bands are all part of a unique and exciting collection of the Bandhani sarees.

This time round also it is no exception.

From the time it has just been introduced, plenty of the regular customers have gone ‘gaga’ over the range of Bandhani sarees.

Let us explore what you have in store

The Bandhani range this time coming in the unlock period of the Pandemic, the weavers have thrown their heart in their offerings, with helpful suggestions and useful guidance on market trends from Unnati Silks. Essentially what do you have in the hand?

  • A Bandhani based on tastes; both Indian and the English tongue. While Indian liking for colors are for the exciting and vibrant hues, the English leanings are towards the softer pastel shades.
  • There is a great indulgence when it comes to fabrics, considering that silk, cotton, crepe silk, chiffon, georgette have all been used as canvas for the Bandhani patterns and designs with generous use of golden zari made in good measure.
  • Bandhani patterns have been created both in the light hues as usual but with the added ‘flavour’ of dark colors also being made use of in places for the patterns. The reason simply being that the ambit makes room for international tastes as well.
  • The array of bandhani includes few samples of lovely shibori as well. Prints have gone hand-in-hand with the Bandhani patterns
  • What becomes apparent is the colors that have been used are vivid and encompass a wide range from deep and dark to light and vibrant shades.
  • Borders have been made eye-catching or simply done away with in a few cases. The use of narrow golden zari borders in some instances, have enhanced the offerings.
  • And what about the pricing? It is done considering the chosen patterns, the extent of Bandhani incorporations, the fabrics used and of course the tie & dye effort as well. Good for you, good or me, good for every other body as well.
  • And of course the range infuses a tremendous amount of liveliness and shall I say ‘Life’ as well

Here is that wonderful range for you to see for yourself. And indulge in buying as well.

The Bandhani Kota cotton saree

It has miniature floral Block prints all over the body and the dual color Bandhani on the pallu with sugar cube patterns. The unmistakably visible ‘Khats’ or square patterns within the Kota weave. While the prints cover the body, the Bandhani patterns decorate the pallu like a magical carpet.

The cottons look very good for almost any occasion. The color and patterns could determine which.

The Bandhani chiffon georgette saree

Here a blend of chiffon and georgette has been experimented with. There is a lot of mix and match between two colors . Bandhani patterns cover both portions of the different colors and each portion with a differing effect again interacts with the other. Borders have been made very attractive and broad both at top and bottom portions of the saree. The blend and color play make these sarees look grand for any party, wedding or even corporate office

Pure tie & dye Bandhani silk saree

It is a wonderful experience in tie & dye and loaded with light colored Bandhani patterns all over. Here the very small and narrow border to one side gives it an elegant touch. Paired with a lovely matching sleeveless blouse or one with small sleeves it could be mind-blowing but also a test in confidence on who will steal the show. A must for weddings, bridal attire for the functions, those high society parties and what not.

Pure tie & dye Bandhani chiffon  saree

In singular colors with more accent on the English-loved pastel shades it has Bandhani patterns all over. There is also an attempt on the deep shades since silky fibres appear more elegant and appeals to Indian audiences as well. The tie & dye has turned out marvelous. The small, narrow zari border simply gets you looking at it time and now. Good for an outing, a party, the corporate office or even for the college professor.

Pure tie & dye Bandhani Georgette saree

Be it in single color or dual color, the Georgette saree colored in tie & dye Bandhani patterns all over looks extremely striking. The choice of the colors is much more vibrant than the chiffon range and there is a touch of grandeur through the use of golden zari generously. An excellent choice for literally any informal occasion, and formal parties as well.

Bandhani soft silk saree

Single color, dual colored, multicolored Bandhani pure silk sarees in a plethora of scintillating colors, makes it a feast for the eyes. With a fabric such as soft silk that has shine and sheen, the Bandhani looks so very neat and pleasing to the eye.  It occupies pride of place and any woman who can carry herself well will look regal in these soft flowing sarees.

If one were to notice, the Bandhani effort has been brought out remarkably sharp and detailed. There is no trace of splash or spread in the least despite the variety of fabrics chosen in this range of Bandhanis. In fact the neatness of the chosen patterns by themselves are so very soothing to the eyes.

 To sum it up neatly – You have  a Bandhani for every occasion.

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