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Article: An exclusive lot of Indian handlooms that are definitely worth possessing

An exclusive lot of Indian handlooms that are definitely worth possessing

An exclusive lot of Indian handlooms that are definitely worth possessing


It’s summer time and the sun is a little more than generous in its shine. So what would be the fabric that could counter the weather, cheer up the spirits and be good for the workplace and occasions as well? You guessed right, it’s cotton.

Unnati Silks, has a long association with handloom cotton sarees, of varieties across the country and   with four decades of experience has come out with the cotton varieties of different types of women’s clothing that would be a good choice to swank about at this time of the year. While the list is hardly covering even a portion of the list of varieties in India, they are fairly representative of the exclusive types that have carved out a niche for themselves in quality fabrics and worth exploring for wear this time of the year.

1.The appeal of the Narayanpet Handloom Cotton saree

The Indian woman has always preferred the saree to any other form of clothing. The Narayanpet variety of cotton saree typifies a tradition of finesse in whatever is attempted. Experimentation in terms of design, motifs, the use of zari, other incorporations, the choice of color, and whatever other change that has appeal. Body colour contrasts  against the pallu, multi-color borders, woven bootis, large bootis on the pallu especially in the typical Narayanpet style interlocked weft technique which improves the strength of the weave is what it is all about.

Check out the images for yourself!

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2.Kerala cotton sarees for various occasions

Kerala cotton saree in traditional times meant the Kerala Kasavu in plain white or light cream with the trademark zari border that has always been the favourite Malayali costume for women during festivals like Onam and the New Year. It always has a look of freshness and symbolizes purity that has universal appeal. Over time there have been changes in its form, through the use of other hues, motifs like flora and fauna, flowery scapes, fruits and leaves, colored thread borders and other cosmetic changes. But the essential character of the Kerala weave still remains intact. And now it is like any other good cotton variety of saree, that could be used for any number of occasions.

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3.Silk sarees that stand apart

There are many varieties in silk across India. Two of them worth mention are the Muga silk of Assam and the Kota silk.

The Muga variety of silk is restricted to Assam and regions close by due to the climatic conditions and the special leaves grown there favoring the silkworm. What results is a silk having glossy texture, fine and durable, that has a special quality of improved luster after every wash and good strength. The Muga silk has given the women of Sualkuchi, Assam, a new household occupation to eke out a living, a special fabric that has enamoured the market and which caused the Father of the Nation Gandhiji to remark during his visit there in 1946, that the skilled women workforce could weave dreams out of the silk.

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And what about the Kota silk from the Land of the Desert Rajasthan? The Kota silk sarees cast a spell-binding magic in the weaves that are churned out with their square-shaped checks known as Khats.  There is a wide array of adornments that come with the fabric such as beautiful Jaipuri prints, with traditional motifs, fancy zari or printed borders, exquisite embroidery work on the pallu, richly woven Meena work, Dabu prints and what not.

Both the Muga silk sarees and the Kota silk sarees are available to peruse.

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4.The soft saree sensations of Kanchi cotton

When a weave is soft and smooth, it gives a sensuous feel in the manner the Kanchi cotton is. Known for its excellent finishing, the Kanchi cotton weave has a tradition of excellent counts (high number of threads per sq. inch), judicious use of zari and that characteristic look from the patterns and motifs used in pleasant color combinations that make them easily recognizable. The images bear out what has been said.

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5.The variety and vibrancy of the Jaipuri prints Salwar Kameez

Rajasthani traditional forms of printing on handlooms is nothing new. And if one were to see the fine handloom cottons with a wide range of Jaipuri prints, the desert charm could be understood – the air is full of vibrancy and vitality. Incorporating a variety of techniques like block printing, tie and dye, napthol block prints, Bagru prints, dabu prints, bandhani leheria prints that are part of the traditional heritage art forms of Rajasthan, they churn out fine creations on a range of fine yarn fabrics like silk, cotton, art silk, Sico in the most vibrant of colours.

The fusion of ethnic patterns with modern designs, the blend of traditional motifs with modern floral art, the use of exquisite embroidery and other finery in novel ways, speak about the spirit of the Jaipuri prints showcasing traditional methods seamlessly woven and displayed in a modern setting.

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6.The crispy cottons of Mangalagiri salwar kameez

The temple town of Mangalagiri offers handloom weaves that have good texture, attractive embroidery and crisp color combinations that make them popular. Other attractive features are heavy gold thread zari borders, nizam designs and beautiful dupattas to match that adorn the good count handloom cotton fabrics. One of the endearing features of the Mangalagiri weave is that it is comfortable in all seasons, more so in summer.

Check out the designer Mangalagiri handloom cotton salwar kameez.

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7.The Rayon silk kurta

Rayon is a manufactured, regenerated cellulosic fibre that is neither truly synthetic nor natural. It has a high luster quality and a bright shine. You can try out some of the offerings in rayon at Unnati Silks. You have the printed ones with an attached coat arrangement, the embroidered silk-a-line kurta, the layered kurta are some of the variations available to explore.

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8.The ikat kurtas of Pochampally

The exquisite finish of the Pochampally comes through the dyeing and weaving of pre-coloured threads which are dyed according to the Ikat or Ikkat technique. Ikat comes out very well on cotton fabrics and it would be both comfortable and chic to sport these kurtas in daily wear.

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9.The charm of the dupattas

The appeal of handloom fabrics lies in the ethnic hand woven techniques employed to churn out fine, soft, transparent, airy, light and aesthestically appealing fabrics. The choice of vibrant colours, the use of organic dyes, the quality of weaving, the employment of limited resources;  yet outcomes are a sensational mix with borders, designs, patterns, motifs, themes, hand painting and exquisite embroidery that even modern day methods fail to match. It is an amalgam or delightful blend of ethnic skill, care and devotion.

The Mangalagiri cotton dupatta in lovely checks pattern in self color weave would do very well for any sort of occasion. In multicolor across the smooth textured cotton fabric it is a feast for the eyes.

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The Dupatta, the scarf or the stole brought out as handloom fabrics woven with dedication and care are worthy additions. No salwar suit is complete without the separate 2 m plus covering piece or the Dupatta. As accompaniment to the salwar suit, suitably adorned to match, as contrast or complement, the dupatta offers itself as backdrop for captivating patterns and motifs, canvas for exotic prints and abstract designs, lends suitable support for magical thread work or embroidery, allows breezy floral prints to infuse a new freshness in the surroundings.

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An engaging fabric, one exquisite dupatta easily pairs well with different salwar kameez. Also known as chunni, the colourful dupatta has utilitarian functions also. It is used as a protective scarf in windy conditions, serves as a stole or shawl in cold weather, turns into a handy fabric for reverence when visiting a Gurudwara (sikh temple) or as a cover for the head in the presence of elders in the family or visitors.

The cotton dupattas in Kalamkari and the Mangalagiri variety would be wonderful for use during the summer.

In the recent lot of Kalamkari dupattas you have wonderful imagery, sharp and detailed in vibrant colors of flowers, floral scapes, fauna with lovely tasseled ends further enhancing the look.


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