Republic Day Tableaux – showcasing the pride of India


Republic Day like every year shall be celebrated as usual on the 26th of January, 2015 all over the country, the focus of all Indians of course being on the grand and fabulous display of India the country,  in all its magnificent shades, as a parade on Rajpath in New Delhi. The route is the same straight long road from Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapathi Bhavan (official residence of the President of India) down Rajpath and past India Gate.

Facts all Indians should be proud of.                                                                                                  

The Republic Day Parade is noted for the over 25 marching and mounted contingents, a significant display of India’s military might modi-and-obamaon various military vehicles, 20 military bands, 30 cultural tableaux and 30 aircraft in addition to cultural performers and 1200 schoolchildren.  The parade showcases India’s vibrant culture and heritage like the colours of the rainbow – brilliant, vivid and enchanting, to the world, and by custom, every year since 1950, India has been hosting a foreign dignitary to be the Guest of Honor for the Parade. This time in 2015, it is a surprise of surprises – President Barack Obama of the United States, on account of a personal invite from PM Modi.

A matter of pride to represent the country in this march past, people from different parts of India and from all walks of life, take part in different ways in the long winding procession. School children, Scouts, NCC cadets, participants on the floats, the Home Guards, the military, the chosen ones from the three armed forces – Army, Navy and Air Force and a host of other participants, go past the President and the distinguished gathering - marching, with cultural dance and song, floats, on motorcycles and even camels (like the distinguished BSF).


The Star Attraction of this Event – the Tableaus

Events in the form of flag hoisting, the 21 gun salute as it is unfurled, the distribution of the Ashok ––Chakra and the Kirti Chakra awards, the bravery awards for the armed forces, the National Bravery awards for children across the country, and others may be watched interestedly. But the star event is what all are waiting for- the colourful procession towards the end of the proceedings.

The major draw of the entire Parade, is the tableaux or floats on which the various displays are ported across slowly, especially the ones with the different states of India. Each float has a state and showing the cultural ethos depicted by some representative factor like the State’s map, characters dressed in different costumes worn there, or some feature of the state like local language song, historical characters of the state in appropriate dress etc., with the crowds cheering wildly as each goes by. You also have floats of public institutions, the firepower of India in the form of live models, the representations of each of the three forces, the Border Security Force and other such organizations.

Awards are handed out for the top three every year for good representation, unique inclusions, correct costumes and many such competitive criteria that brings out the best in the participating teams.


All those who participate - participants, providers of props, costumes, designing or any other feature that contributes in its win - feel proud that their float representing their state or institution has walked away with one of the three prizes and dedicate it to whom they represent. Most ardently competed in true spirit, the efforts put in to win are commendable.

 An annual show eagerly awaited, thoroughly prepared for; a spectacular vision of India, that is proudly displayed in front of thousands of spectators on both sides of the Rajpath route and in the live telecast broadcast around the world on TV and Internet.

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It is a true and most appropriate display of ‘India’s Unity in Diversity’, an annual event that is much more than any rock concert or star awards nite, that is participated in either by presence or in spirit, by every proud Indian.    



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