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Article: Rediscover the ‘King’s Town’ of Tamil Nadu with us – #CelebratingIndia

Rediscover the ‘King’s Town’ of Tamil Nadu with us – #CelebratingIndia

Rediscover the ‘King’s Town’ of Tamil Nadu with us – #CelebratingIndia


In the Southern state of Tamil Nadu India, is a small town called Rasipuram. Known since long for its pure silk handloom sarees, it has remained as one of the finest examples for the state, in preserving a tradition as fine as its weaves.

What is the secret of the Rasipuram glory?

A Rasipuram saree is well-recognized by those who know, for its long lasting colors and durability, a fabric that displays plenty of finery but is amazingly light in weight, motifs that are traditional yet nicely incorporated to those partial to trendy, designs that rope in the fancy and the exquisite, patterns familiar along with others new, weaves of extremely good counts and colors that dazzle and delight. It is much more than that. An ethos of dedication and diligence, its ethnic practitioners have sustained a tradition for long and intend keeping it that way.

The speciality of Rasipuram Silk sarees

The lustrous Rasipuram silk saris are pattu sarees in bright shades and earthy hues. Having wide borders accompanied by thin zari borders, designer pallus with attractive floral bootis, the Rasipuram silk sarees come in bright vibrant colours and subdued earthy hues. Sometimes with dual colour threads used the Rasipuram Silk saris have a shimmering effect. These grand regal offerings make them suitable for weddings, grand parties, festivals, traditional social gatherings and functions.


Unnati Silks and the Rasipuram Silks

Unnati Silks has an exclusive collection of Rasipuram Silks. The Rasipuram Silk Saree available in many a delightful variation has long been part of the Unnati Silks’ prized collection in silk fabrics.

Printed mango booties adorning the hand-loom woven Rasipuram Silk Sari, a beautiful sight at many an exclusive occasion, the popular temple border, the patterns and motifs of the traditional, the departure through the experimental, the intricate yet worthy multi thread embroidery, kundans and sequins work nicely to carry off a fancy yet grand elegance.

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What sets the Rasipuram silk fabric apart from the run of the mill is an obsession for purity – in materials, in craftsmanship, in soft textured weaves and in the sustained churning out of the regal-looking Pattu silk wedding sarees. It has long since been the trademark quality of traditional art and craft that has etched out its name in the Hall of Fame of Indian Silk fabrics.

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Rasipuram – also a travel destination for the leisurely

Rasipuram with its small population of close to a lakh, could be classified as a large town developing into a city. While the economy o the place centres around agriculture and household industries, it is also a good place to visit for the religious minded and the casual traveler with time on his hands. Derived from ‘Rajapuram’ or ‘king’s town’, it has been part of ancient Kongu Nadu, the western part of current Tamil Nadu and has seen varied rule and a checkered period. Today it can boast of being a hub of ‘brilliant silks’ of traditional handlooms, a hilly Kolli region that abounds in medicinal herbal plants and natural honey besides having an ancient Lord Shiva temple believed to have been constructed in the 1st or 2nd century A.D.

Let us travel and explore more about Rasipuram.

For the people of the State it could be a place to visit but for the tourists from other states and regions, Rasipuram cannot be considered tourist-worthy in that sense. But luckily for those who do visit for some reason and have time hanging on their hands, you have two tourist destinations close by. Salem, just 30 Km.from Rasipuram and Yercaud slightly farther at 58 Km.from it. One could always take in the sights of these two locations and return content with the idea of time and opportunity being well-utilized.

The sights of Salem

1008 Lingam Temple - Just 8 miles away from Salem town, maintained by the Vinayaka Missions Hospital Group, you can find the idols of very many Hindu Gods in one place as well as 1008 lingams lined up.

The Mettur Dam & reservoir - that offers an awesome sight, scenery and some boating.

Kailasanathar Templeone of the oldest Lord Shiva temples in Salem district.

Sugavaneshwarar Templea famous 2000 years old temple.

Poiman Karadu, Siddhar Temple, Sri Ramar Templefor the religious minded

Sankagiri Fort - that is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India is 38 Km. from Salem

Kurumpapatti Zoological Park - A small zoo but the location is great. It's a good place for a picnic on a quiet day. Animals include crocodile, sambar deer, birds, snakes, peacocks, one elephant, few monkeys, and swans. There is a children play area. A small change when you visit Salem.

Yercaud – an interesting place for visitors

Compared to Salem and just 20 Km further than salem from Rasipuram is the quaint, scenic and diversely interesting place called Yercaud.

By way of offering it has nice sights, is scenic throughout and has a good climate to keep the visiting outsiders, wanting to stay that bit longer than expected.

32-km Loop Road

A beautiful loop of road with multiple hairpin bends lined with electric greenery, the 32-km Loop Road is what avid drivers dream of. Ust rent a four wheeler, and take leisurely drive along its length. The tranquility and the foliage are simply wonderful and affords some of the most picturesque views around the city to take back home in snapshots.

Big Lake

The Big Lake, more popularly known as the Emerald lake, is believed to offer a dip in nature therapy. Rich gardens maintained close by with a Deer park in the middle is a good picnic location for having a nice time.

Pagoda Point

Yercaud’s beauty can be enjoyed from Pagoda Point - a vantage point for a bird’s eye view of Salem and other areas, surrounded by the majestic mountain peaks that are covered with a thick blanket of trees. Though seemingly tough to surmount and takes quite an effort, the view is simply breathtaking and worth the climb. One of the most scenic spots of the place.

Kiliyur Falls

At less than 5 Km. away, the Kiliyur Falls is an elegant waterfall with a gentle slope that displays  cascading sight of white water. The falls formed by an overflow in the Yercaud Lake reaches an astounding height of 300 feet. Monsoons revitalize the gentile flows and add to the scenic beauty. The surrounding Shervarayan hill range is lovely to walk around if you love hiking.

Shevaroy Temple

Atop the Shevaroy mountain, the Shevaroy Temple is home to the main idols of Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri. After the temple visit the view of Yercaud and Nagalur from the high altitude is a refreshing sight. The hike to the top is just as relaxing.

Lady's Seat

A formation that has shaped into a comfortable seat, that had been quite frequented by ladies during the British Raj is a nice spot for a leisurely picnic.

Anna Park

Surrounded by the mysterious-looking Shevaroy hills, Anna Park is loved for its view, its vast collection of plants, well maintained landscape and is one of the most popular family spots in Yercaud. The park combines the Lake Park, Deer Park, Gandhi Park, a Japanese park and Children's Park- giving you a refreshing time as you leave the hustle bustle of the city behind to be pampered by the simpler things in life. The month of May is the best time to see the place when an annual flower show is arranged here.

Gent's Seat

Another of the vantage points of Yercaud to take in the beauty of a sprawling scenic sight from the height, the Gent's Seat is also a good place to have a nice and quiet time. Valleys and peaks covered with lush greenery are a good sight for the eyes and a nice place to walk about.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is where one gets to see the famous Kurinji flowers that bloom twice every 12 years, the lovely orchids at the Orchidarium (home to 30 species of the flowers) along with other varieties of exotic blooming plants.

Home to a total of 3000 trees and 1800 shrubs placed in the well maintained landscaped area that still manages to trick you into think you are in the wild, one gets to see the not so commonly found insectivorous pitcher plant, preserved here along with a few endangered species.

There are other places spread around Yercaud that could cater to expectations during the visit, but what is most important is enjoying the sights at a leisurely pace.


It is worth every minute of the while when one lands at a place expectedly or otherwise and settles down to enjoying what is offered without expectation. It is the time spent in a manner destined to fill the heart with contentment and a mind full of lasting memories. For every place is a heaven depending upon how best you create it for yourself.


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