Gratitude of the Nation for a powerful Constitution

When governance has to be provided
And official change needs to be highlighted
The existing law to be amended
Or clarification in a bill that’s recommended
It becomes the ruling body’s inclination
To head straight for the Indian Constitution.

A tome of utmost dedication
Resulting after thorough deliberation
A great work, a manifestation
Of great minds respected by the Nation.
Be you of any station
And face a troublesome situation
You feel you should resort to litigation
But your solicitor advises arbitration
In order to provide the solution
To end the altercation
Without any ado his only action
Is head towards the Constitution.

You when face a slight
Do not get what is yours by right
Consult before making it a fight
It is once again the Constitution that provides the light.
Civil or criminal case it may be
Property dispute possibly between brothers three
Divorce settlement needed between He & She
Murder sentence or to go scot free

The court may have the debate and be the face
Giving the ruling, delivering justice in each case
But it is the Constitution that provides the base
For each of the above, that deserves much praise.
Our Constitution hailed by people from far and wide
Clear, Comprehensive, cohesive in structure beside
Is not something merely to abide
It must make every Indian heart swell with pride.