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Article: Shabana Azmi – blessed with an innate sense of dressing

Shabana Azmi – blessed with an innate sense of dressing

Shabana Azmi – blessed with an innate sense of dressing

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Shabana Azmi, Indian actress of film, television and theatre, daughter of poet Kaifi Azmi and stage actress Shaukat Azmi, is one of the finest actresses India has known. She is the alumna of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Her performances include a variety of genres that have generally earned her praise and awards. She has a record of five wins of the National Film Award for Best Actress and several international honours. She has also received five Filmfare Awards. Honored among "women in cinema" at the 30th International Film Festival of India, she was awarded Padma Shri in 1988.

In addition to acting, Azmi is a social and women's rights activist, is a Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA)and is the wife of poet and screenwriter Javed Akhtar. She is MP in Rajya Sabha.

She is also known for a less discussed but widely noticed innate sense of dressing. Her sarees, salwar kameez and other combinations that she wears definitely indicate a woman of care and instinctive style of looking good.

In her own words “Fashion is something that comes and goes and we should not be easy victims to fashion, we need to develop our own style. And style is not something as ephemeral as fashion is. People within themselves can find the confidence to have their style. And of course, there is no garment in the world that can quite equal the saree.”

Here we randomly present some of her choices at various occasions that speak for themselves as to why she is considered one of the very elegantly dressed who carry themselves nicely in all public appearances.


Ghicha silk handloom saree

Ghicha silk, by-product of Tussar silk, fine and of good quality, weaves applauded for their quality and sometimes sensational tribal art. The vibrancy in the choice of colors makes the wearer stand out in a crowd.


Her choice of traditional handloom varieties of the South, the Chanderi in lush silk is very much on display here. How well she wears them is obvious from the splendid finery and her dazzling countenance.

Andhra Khadhi cotton handloom saree

Lovely Indian traditional look with her trademark smile says it all about how a plain handloom saree can spread radiance through such vibrant hues.

4Sporting the pure Banarasi handloom fabrics with hand worked designs at Lakme Fashion Week 2015.

Tussar silk saree

This pure handloom tussar with lots of hand embroidery of aari, dhabka, zardosi, etc. sets off a sparkling demeanour and Shabana is sure basking in the shine.

The simply elegant South Handloom sarees

The Southern handloom saree loves to explore plain fields or with lightly distributed motifs and wide zari borders to emphasize allure in simplicity. Her liking for colors like red, blue and black can be seen to pay off with this elegant eye-catcher.


Handloom self woven saree

A brilliant combination of a traditional handloom saree with the design woven homogenously in the weave and a three fourth blouse that spells trendy.

Shabana knows what colors suit her and the the choice of colors in this half half saree with beautiful hand work makes her the cynosure of all eyes.

Andhra Handloom saree

Andhra Handlooms are the symbol of harmony and simplicity that include pure handloom cotton, rich cotton silk pattu sarees, with their quiet play in colors.

Bengal handloom saree with hand work that showcases the brilliance of the fabric and the excellence of Indian ethnic weavers. And Shabana so very nicely sports the allure of the Indian woman in this attractive fabric.


Kashmiri handwork or embroidery

It is one of the jewels of India’s fabric heritage that beautifies the fabric it adorns enormously. Shabana looks simply marvellous in this floral outfit. 17

An out-of-the-way hairstyle, a choice of design that gets eyes riveted on the wearer, Shabana shows that she can look good even in this very trendy saree that she is donning.

Handloom cotton with ikat detailing
Simple outfit yet the manner in which she is wearing makes it seem so pleasantly different.
Banarasi handloom saree

A royal feast for the eyes and Shabana looks every inch the queen that she is here.

Pure georgette saree

A lovely combination of black and silver, and a hairstyle to match adorned with her smile. Simply gorgeous!


Unnati Silks & handloom sarees

The fabrics that Shabana Azmi sports in these images are part of Unnati’s massive, and varied collection, that it prides itself on. Be it processed fabrics with ikat, tie & dye, Bandhani or Shibori Leheriya, Hand Block prints of Dabu, Bagru and Bagh, simple silks or elegant wedding Pattus, plain cottons or muslin Dhaka cottons, tribal art or modern art designer sarees, Unnati silks has it all – and under one roof.

Handlooms since 1980, with close association with weavers across the length and breadth of India, having printing and manufacturing unit capabilities at different locations, its offline stores at Hyderabad and online website, display 300 + varieties in sarees, salwar suits, kurtas, kurtis and indo western apparel. Backed by Handloom Mark, Silk Mark, it has always been supplying genuine handlooms since inception.

Not to forget the back-up service of speedy and safe delivery, worldwide express shipping at attractive prices wholesale and retail with convenient payment options.

Shabana Azmi and other Bollywood heroines who sport the saree and carry it so very elegantly, are part ambassadors of the Indian saree and its increasing popularity even overseas. In their like for the traditional fabric and taking to wearing it in the functions they attend, the parties they go to and many an occasion in public glare, they help the cause of popularizing an Indian heritage without being asked to.

May the saree brigade grow!
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