Losing Flab to look Fab like the stars

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Losing weight and plenty of it, gets you to seem lighter, feel elated, with a new surge of zest and enthusiasm coursing through you. There is an increase in confidence, a radical improvement in appearance and a willingness to be active and get things done. In fact life itself changes for the better in so many different ways.

But when it comes to the losing part it is easier said than done. It takes quite some thinking and a lot of determination to prepare a list of things to do, create a schedule, stick to the plan and reap the results.

Weigh the benefits of losing weight against the loss of image if you don’t. If you feel strongly about the former, yet lack sufficient willpower to get it done, here is how some of your favourite Bollywood stars did it. I am sure it would be inspiration for you to follow their footsteps and become a new YOU.

1. Arjun Kapoor

arjun-kapoor-eighed 130 kilos before being signed by Aditya Chopra in his film.Arjun Kapoor, cousin of Sonam Kapoor and Bollywood star himself, saw himself at 140 Kilos, stocky and not all material to be introduced a hero despite having godfathers like his own dad, step-mom Sridevi and uncle Anil Kapoor. He determined to lose weight and radically alter his image to justify screen material.

He stuck to a regimen of combining healthy food with cardio and weights, replaced the atta roti in his diet with bajra roti and became an ardent devotee of Crossfit Training, which he maintains till date. As sworn by diehard fans of the Crossfit training the slogan is "I won't quit 'til i'm dead, and even after death I'll burst from my coffin and train like a freaking machine."

Arjun Kapoor’s weight loss journey has been remarkable. The now sexy and toned actor follows a strict regime of 20 minutes of CrossFit training for those killer abs.

Like he says,“Determination goes a long way in weight loss because there really isn’t any quick fix”.

“When you stabilize yourself with your core, you can do any amount of lifting you want”.

2. Sonakshi Sinha

article-2014123439561335773000Daughter of Shatrughan Sinha and aspiring to follow her father’s footsteps in Bollywood films, at 90 Kilos despite a good face, she looked nowhere near the dainty and demure heroines of Bollywood that would launch her in films as a female lead without pulling strings. She took hold of herself and started losing weight with a combination of cardio, swimming, tennis, hot yoga, and following a proper diet regime. Dabangg opposite Salman saw her in healthy shape but not trim. She continued the regimen that she set for herself and in addition avoided carbohydrates after 6 P.M., had loads of Green Tea. She has stuck to all this since, but with a wonderful and shapely body today and getting to be a counted leading lady, she can relax better now.

In her own words “It is important to condition your mind and be patient during the process.

3. Sonam Kapoor

Bollywood’s acknowledged fashionista Sonam sonam kapoorKapoor used to be a chubby teenager once, weighing around 86 kilos. It was when she decided to get into Hindi movies  that she lost 35 of those kilos and got into amazing shape for her debut in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali masterpiece, Saawariya. Her workout regime included a combination of weight training, pilates, power yoga as well as extensive training in Kathak. Her mother Sunita Kapoor (Anil Kapoor’s wife) thought rightly for her daughter and kept her off chocolates, ice creams, fried food then.

What does Sonam have and do to look the way she is?

She has a high protein, six-small-meals-a-day-diet, dinner being early, does cardio vascular exercises for weight training, plenty of green tea, dances the Kathak and plays squash

One of her favourite qoutes is “Yeah looking at my figure, people often assume that I don’t eat much. On the contrary I eat every two hours".

Kareena4. Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor, a heroine who reigned for several years and is still in the reckoning, was once quite chubby. Her size-zero figure in Tashaan stunned everybody. Many attributed her weight loss to extreme dieting and surgical procedures, but the truth is that Kareena achieved it with the help of a well-balanced diet suggested by diet consultant Rujuta Diwekar, and power yoga, with the help of celebrity yoga trainer Payel Gidwani.

She has said about her regimen as “I would also like to advise one and all that after a hard day’s work, simply go for hot rice and dal and some yummy vegetable”.

5. Parineeti ChopraParineeti-Chopras-Shocking-Weight-Loss-Secret-Revealed

Cousin of Priyanka Chopra and a great looker herself today was once a stocky, good-faced heroine who burst upon the scene in Hindi films. A strong determination to lose weight, be fit and look that much more gorgeous is what drove Parineeti to shed all those extra kilos through a combination of physical activities like jogging, yoga, horseback riding, swimming, and running. She also had to say goodbye to her love for pizza, burgers and other junk food.

She simply says “I want to look great. I am taking care of myself and I am losing even more weight because I want to look better”.

6. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya-Rai-BachchanAishwarya or Ash was always the slim and swell-looking model in her earlier days. After marriage and daughter Aaradhya’s birth she stayed a little on the healthier side for some time. But attuned to ways of maintaining her figure like a model, she chose to switch over to brown rice, green leafy vegetables and fruits, and small, frequent meals throughout the day to get back to her slim figure.

Speaking about how she got back her figure she said “One day I decided I would work on it. Balance everything out, but I would work on my body as health is very important to me.”

7. Alia Bhattarticle-l-2014102739191633556000

Alia Bhatt is too young to be classified as frat, but she certainly was a chubby teenager. Somewhere she got the idea or maybe her parents gently suggested that before entering movies as a female lead, it would be advisable to look swell. She immediately set to work on it, to get into shape before flaunting that svelte body in her debut movie ‘Student Of The Year’. She turned to extensive weight training, along with Kathak and ballet sessions to get into the perfect shape for her first movie.

In her own words “I was put on to a personal fitness instructor, who put me on a diet. So all I ate was vegetables and chicken and gave up everything that I loved to eat”.

8. Esha Deol

esha-deol-50ce7eaac29ecFor those who have seen Dhoom, would agree that a beautifully sculpted Esha Deol coming out of the water in a bikini was a pleasant shocker. From what people had seen of her earlier to that it was natural that people would gasp. Esha Deol sported super flat abs in Dhoom, said to have been achieved from an intense workout regime for one year that included circuit workouts, and had even added kickboxing to get those perfectly formed shoulders to be able to flaunt her sexy shoulder tattoo. Her motivation - close friends and fitness freaks themselves, Zayed Khan and Salman Khan. She had then said “After a year of doing barbell and dumb-bell, I’ve become a fitness fanatic”.

JB talks about fat to fit9. Jackky Bhagnani

Jackky was a hulk weighing 130 Kilos but was good at dancing. Like he said, “I was assisting on ‘Deewanapan’ when Arjun Rampal told me, “you can dance so well, why don’t you lose weight”.” He then took to weight lifting and cross weights along with dancing, before he presented himself to the world in Kal Kissne Dekha and then in the more popular Youngistaan.

10. Zarine Khan

The flabby Katrina look alike tagged as Fatrina when she weighed 100 kgs wanted to get into films because of a good face and the likeness to Katrina Kaif the heart throb of the Hindi film screen at that time. She debuted in Yuvaraaj opposite Salman looking quite good and then flaunted her super toned body in Houseful 2. she stands at 57 Kgs. today. How did she do it?

Zarine-khan-before-and-after-540x303She did an hour of Pilates every morning.  Pilates is the art of controlled movements, which should look and feel like a workout (not a therapy) when properly manifested. If practiced with consistency, pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body.  It puts emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises.

She also did weight training, swimming and jogging to increase her metabolic rate.

Most importantly she completely stopped the consumption of sweets and fried foods.

11. Adnan Sami

And of course the surprise package and the one who has inspired all of India and those who had seen him in his earlier form.

At one point musician Adnan Sami used to weigh over 200 kilos, and was facing serious health issues. His father gave him an ultimatum and he properly started focusing on getting into a healthier lifestyle. 796977-Adnansami-1416929265-711-640x480He consulted a nutritionist in Houston and dedicated the next year to losing a whopping 156 kilos!

Losing 130 kilos Sami is maybe the “biggest” weight loss story of the Bollywood fraternity.

His earlier woes - he required seat belt extension on planes, couldn’t lie down for sleeping and needed rest after climbing five steps.

After the weight loss, Adnan Sami started enjoying tennis and squash.

Going by his experience he says that “instinctive eating” just by smelling food, is the culprit for some people. In his case it has been, sheer determination, apart from initial dieting and gradual exercising. He said after the operation “I did not undergo any weight-loss surgery. It was all thanks to a high-protein diet – no oil, no sugar and well, lots of will power”.

To replicate his case is not something that most of us can imagine or need to do, but definitely a lesson that weight is definitely bad for our health and soul.

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There are others too in Bollywood who have made the effort and realized their dreams in their own way. But the bottom line is that when we wish to reduce not only for our health but to make a radical change in our lives, it is visible examples and inspirations like these Bollywood stars whom we admire that give us our hope that we too if we intensely desire to achieve what we want, it is definitely within our reach. We may not be able to do all that is placed before us, but why not try the ones that are possible?

Start today!



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