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Article: Best Hair Care for this Monsoon - Be a Diva Always !!

Best Hair Care for this Monsoon - Be a Diva Always !!

Best Hair Care for this Monsoon - Be a Diva Always !!

Hair Care tips for Monsoon | How to manage frizzy wet hair | Best tips to manage your hair in rainy season
It can be cumbersome to style yourself in the monsoon season due to the constant downpour, moisture and humid climate. It becomes difficult to manage your hair and make it look tip-top all the time.
For all of you fashionistas out there who love to sport Hair Care tips for Monsoon | How to manage frizzy wet hair | Best tips to manage your hair in rainy seasonthe wet hair look, there’s some bad news. Although it may look and feel great, wet hair can lead to major hair woes. Hair problems become more frequent during the monsoons. Usually we lose around 50-60 strands of hair but during monsoons we lose somewhere around 200 strands without even knowing it. Acid rain, dirty rainwater and increased levels of humidity have an adverse impact on your hair and scalp. But these tips and homemade remedies will help up your style quotient even in this wet climate.
Don't let the rains wreck havoc with your tresses, here are a few pointers to help your hair survive the monsoon season. If you don't want your hair to lose its sheen, make sure you give a vinegar rinse every week. Just mix two tablespoons of it with lukewarm water and then rinse your hair with it.
You will notice that your hair tends to get dry in the rains. Protect it by applying a hair pack made of eggs. Mix two of them and add two spoons of curd and some lemon juice and a few drops of honey. Apply on scalp and tips and let it stay then wash with a mild shampoo. This will lock in the moisture.
Hair is made of a protein called keratin. Protein is the most important nutrient for healthy hair. When it gets depleted, hair becomes Hair Care tips for Monsoon | How to manage frizzy wet hair | Best tips to manage your hair in rainy seasonweak and frail and tends to break easily. To prevent this, make sure you have a diet rich in protein. So, if you want to show off your mane, you must eat foods that are a rich source of protein, such as cereals, dairy products, meat, salmons, eggs, carrots, whole grains, dark green veggies, kidney beans, nuts, low-fat dairy products etc. Drinking amla juice first thing in the morning is advised for healthy hair and skin as it is loaded with vitamin C, iron and calcium.
Oiling is good for nourishing hair roots. But one has to keep in mind that during the monsoon, the scalp anyway gets oily; so oil your hair two hours before washing. This will not let your scalp get oily and will also prevent your hair from being frizzy.
Hair can be even more beautiful with very good homemade remedies. Wash scalp with vinegar or mash a banana and add Hair Care tips for Monsoon | How to manage frizzy wet hair | Best tips to manage your hair in rainy seasonavocado oil and apply it on hair as a mask and rinse hair after an hour. It makes your hair smooth and shining. Add a handful of fresh or dried marigold flowers to three cups of hot water. Allow it to stand for an hour. Strain and cool the water and use as a final rinse. It benefits oily hair, adding shine to it.
Do not opt for too many hair-styling treatments which modify the structure of your hair. This includes coloring hair, using styling tools, rebonding, etc. These can have an adverse reaction if they come in contact with the rain water. Better to avoid these in the monsoon season.
For highlighting your hair, opt for an ombre hair colour as it is in season and suits Indian skin tone. [Ombre hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends. It is usually achieved using a balayage technique and is ideal for clients looking for a low-maintenance style]. During the monsoon, the hair becomes limp and loses its sheen. So, a trip to the salon for a protein restore treatment will never leave you disappointed. Also, tame your tresses with an oil massage.
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Apart from dandruff and hair fall you might as well have an oily scalp. So you must wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo. Another reason to shampoo oily hair daily is because your hair may become limp during monsoons and only shampooing can restore volume to your hair. Shampoo daily if your hair is exposed to rain water every day.
The elevated levels of humidity in the air lead to hair becoming coarse and dry, which in turn makes the hair frizzy. Conditioning them regularly helps to get rid of the frizziness making it easier for you to manage.
Other tips include-
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Oil your hair at least once a week
  • Use wide-toothed comb
  • Don’t tie your hair when it’s wet
  • Pat your hair dry before using a blow dryer
  • Do not share combs

  • Wash hair with mild shampoo
  • Use hair mask
  • Oil for a few hours
  • Eat fresh fruits and raw salads
  • Drink amla juice on empty stomach
  • Don’t neglect itchy scalp
  • Don’t use strong shampoo
  • Don’t keep oil overnight
  • Avoid spicy and oily food

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