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Unnati Silks – Warli painted fabrics

The essence or highlighting feature in the Warli Painting sarees is the miniature detailing where the details are so sharp it is next to impossible to know that it is tribal art made with the crudest of tools. It is indeed a professional masterpiece.


The fine Warli Painting sarees in Pure Tussar and Dupion Silk in light colours and pastel shades with the saree being plain and having sparsely distributed motifs across the field. The eye-catcher is the Pallu or end-piece of the saree that hangs from the left shoulder where the Warli Painting theme or tribal art is displayed in full magnificence and in marvelous detail. Generally the themes are about everyday life, flora and fauna, dancing groups, festival scenes and other such social subjects.

Unnati Silks has wide & marvellous ranges of sarees in pure cotton, Patachitra painted pure cotton, pure sico, jute ghicha tussar silk and pure tussar silk. The Warli paintings beautifully adorn the pallus making them eye-catching and extremely captivating. fabrics that serve as a close one’s gift, a heirloom buy or a wedding dress.