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Mr. Devender Gopal Ladha is the Managing Director of Unnati Silks; a visionary and the force behind his brainchild, Unnati Silks. A Gold Medallist in Chemistry from Scottish Church, Kolkata, he has also represented Andhra Pradesh for water sports in the year 1987. Adventurous by nature, Karate, River rafting, Sky diving and Surfing are his other sport loves and in spite of a hectic life managing the business, he tries a hand at them, whenever he can.

He could have entered the Medical field and been a part of the ‘noble profession’, if he had, had his way. Family circumstances made him enter instead, into the textile industry, in the year 1980. His chemistry background and his love for colours helped him in his venture into the fabric world as a learner and then as an entrepreneur. His vision of Unnati Silks was to soon become a reality.

In the year 1995, he started a software development and training centre registered with STPI. Having been in the textile industry for more than thirty years, he has a deep knowledge of fabrics, the intricacies involved in the manufacture and a perspicacious understanding of the possibilities that exist. Along with being multi-talented and extremely passionate about the subject, he has also seen his journey as ‘business with a social cause’.

Associated with talented master weavers in ethnic fabrics across the length and breadth of India, he has helped in his own small way in the revival of traditional fabrics. Through Unnati Silks he has afforded them a global platform for the continued display of their skills and a decent livelihood.

Mr.Devender Gopal Ladha also happens to be a philosopher and learned scholar with a deep knowledge of vedic scriptures. Actively associated with International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) founded by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupad, Mr.Ladha was introduced into this movement by His Grace Mahaprabhu Prabhuji. He was then initiated by His Divine Grace Radhanath Swami in the year 1994. Mr.Ladha has been a preacher of Krishna Consciousness philosophy and love of Godhead for the past twenty years in his neighbourhood ISKCON temple.

There have been a lot of hardships in his arduous, yet fruitful journey till date, and he firmly acknowledges the Divine presence in his life that has kept him going. He is blessed with a devoted and supportive family, including a talented daughter already following his footsteps and handling the online side of the business. His talented team of two hundred plus in tow and the zeal to do much more for ethnic fabrics, he has lined up many more projects for the cause.