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The traditional skill and artistry of Naksi Nizam Resham

Naksi or Nakshi Kantha is a folk art of Bengal from pre-partition days. The material used is just thread and cloth. Naksha refers to the artistic patterns and colourful designs. Initially Kantha used only white as background with red, blue and black embroidery on it. The running stitch or Kantha stitch is the main stitch. Traditionally old clothes like sarees, dhotis and lungis got a renewed look through Kantha. Rural women used to take it up after their day’s work was over and hence it used to take months or years to finish the work that was taken up. Today new cotton cloth is used instead. New thread is used instead of the traditional removal of a strand of thread from the existing fabric and using it. Originally drawing or motifs were not drawn on the fabric. Today they are made on tracing paper and transferred to the fabric. Kanthas are recognized by the stitch type. There are about six different types of Kantha. Motifs for naksi kantha are generally Lotus (the most popular), Solar, moon, wheel, Swastika, tree of life, kalka. These other motifs could be Flowers, leaves, birds, fish, animals are other motifs. Borders could be rice stalk, scorpion, pea border, wavy or bent edges or from a host of shapes etc. Nizam is the unique characteristic border found on Mangalagiri fabrics made in the temple town of Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. This Mangalagiri saree has a typical border of two inches with geometrical designs called Nizam generally made of heavy gold thread or zari. Other notable features of this cotton saree are mono or multi-striped pallus and motifs like leaf, mango, parrot, gold coin adorning the fabric body. Resham is Silk in Urdu. It refers to a single strand of untwisted silk fibre.

Being delicate it is not used in the main weave of a silk fabric but is instead used as thread for intricate embroidery just as the metal zari is used for zardozi. Resham is dyed in different colours and sewn onto sarees, salwar kameez and other fabrics in different designs as an adorning feature.

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