Sensational waves created by the Leheria Prints

Leheria or Leheriya is a traditional Tie and Dye art practised in Rajasthan, India. It is part of the larger traditional art known as Bandhani and hence you can also find Leheria Bandhej being used. Leheria comes from the word Leher meaning wave, since the tie and dye process applied to white fabrics, results in brightly coloured complex wave or Leher designs. Leheria work is done on silk or cotton fabric and on long and broad canvases like turbans and sarees.

The Leheria process

The process involves rolling the fabric and tying resists at various spots on the cloth rolled diagonally from one corner to the opposite selvage. Selvage is the self finished edges in a fabric as a result of looping back the thread from the weft (perpendicular thread to the waft threads) at the end of each row length of the fabric that prevents the fabric from unravelling or fraying. This rolled fabric is then dyed according to the usual tie and dye process in bright colours. When the fabric is unfolded after dyeing, it leaves a lot of stripes or other shapes at intervals across the fabric in a design. Several tie and dye processes are undergone if required, to create a myriad of colourful stripes across the fabric length. Indigo is used in the last few stages of the process.

The exotic appeal of the Laheria

The appeal lies in the way the folding and tying of resists is manipulated before dyeing to create colourful striking outcomes of extraordinary designs.

Mothara is a special ‘lentil design’, popular and achieved by the re-rolling of the unfolded first stage in the opposite direction and the resist tied at the diagonal end and repeating the dye process. The resulting checkered design has un-dyed areas at regular intervals which are the size of a lentil. Leheria turbans are very popular in Rajasthan and some other parts of India. Leheria Sareesand salwar kameez have wooed the fashion world with their unique designer prints.

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