Jamdani – a work technique producing bewitching outcomes

A traditional weave that came from Bangla Desh, it is also the pride of West Bengal, India. Produced in Bengal and Faizabad in U.P., a special Jamdani Tanda or cotton fabric brocaded with fine embroidery on cotton or zari is made.

The speciality of the Jamdani saree

Traditionally woven around Dhaka, the Jamdani saree is fabulously rich in motifs in geometric, figural and floral patterns woven in a contrasting shade to the base fabric of silk or cotton. The motifs are often woven with maroon, white, green, black, silver and golden coloured thread woven into a gray or natural coloured base fabric. It is one of the finest muslins in the world

The Process of making a Jamdani saree

First yarns to make the fabric are dyed. Once, only herbal dyes were used. Today the cheaper and readily available chemical dyes are used. Setting warp and weft are like any other handloom weaving process. Using a throw shuttle, the fabric is an open weave with plain weave structure that makes the sari very transparent. Traditional colours being white, black or grey, the borders are golden zari. Two weavers take up the work of adding the discontinuous supplementary weft for the decided pattern and motifs to be included in the fabric. both cotton and zari threads are used and are thicker compared to the regular warp and weft threads. If the base thread is silk, then many a time cotton threads are used for the brocade designs. The sensational aspect of the Jamdani is that the motifs or pattern are woven into the fabric purely from memory with no use of sketches or tracing sheets.

In order to stiffen the threads, starch is applied while the threads are still on the loom after every metre of the weave is woven.

The unique Jamdani motifs

Jamdani motifs are mostly floral but in geometric shapes.the spread of the motifs diagonally across the fabric is called Tercha. Flowers like lotus, jasmine, rose, or vegetation like bananas, ginger, palms. A jamdani saree having small flowers dotted on the fabric is known as a Butidar saree. If the design is diagonally inclined, then it becomes a Tercha Jamdani. The floral designs could include besides flowers, peacocks, leaves and vines. If these designs cover the entire field of the sari it is called jalar naksha, jhalar, or jaal. You also have a variety of Jamdani known as Phulwar and if the flowers are large it is Toradar. Some of the Jamdani varieties include Fulwar Jamdani where the pattern has rows of flowers across the saree, Duria Jamdani if the field is covered with polka dots like design, Belwari jamdani with colourful golden borders. Though mostly used for saris, Jamdani is also used for scarves and handkerchiefs. Innovations. With the passage of time certain changes have crept into the Jamdani fabric. Once having only white, black and grey as background colours, today a whole lot of vibrant colours are used. Chemical dyes are mostly used now with very few instances of natural dyes. The extra or supplementary weft has been replaced by a more convenient form of hand embroidery known as Paar.

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