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Traditional handlooms – from the economically priced to the exclusive ones

The saree, India’s heritage, has found its niche place in garments around the world. As a fabric of tradition and fashion it has gone to all parts of the globe and those initially unfamiliar have also found it as a piece of apparel, easy to wear and comfortable in use.

The exciting spread of varieties in sarees

Handlooms are a tradition, the soul of Indian ethnic fabrics and the making of handloom sarees is an age old vocation found in all parts of the country. The southern part of India has centres like Mysore, Bangalore, Dharwad, Kanjeevaram, Arani, Rasipuram, Madurai, Coimbatore, Kollam, Kerala, Pochampally, Narayanpet, Uppada, Gadwal, Mangalagiri, Dharmavaram, Venkatagiri. Similarly the North and West have Kota, Bagh, Sanganer, Maheshwari, Chanderi, Banaras, Lucknow, Chattisgarh Jharkhand, Rajkot, Kutch, Patan, Aurangabad, Thane etc. The East and North East comprise hubs in Bhagalpur, Odisha, Bengal, Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam, Nagaland.

Rich thread work, attractive motifs and patterns, contrast borders in a wide range of vibrant colors, themes on pallus (end pieces of sarees), abstract prints, geometrical designs, Fashion prints of batik, block, bandhini, lehriya, adornments like crochet, appliqué work, Zardozi, Kundan, Badla work, kalamkari, block printing, batik etc. are some of the means of adorning sarees.

The pricing of a saree is a tricky affair that depends upon several factors and could be one or several combinedly. You have things like exquisite embellishing, or some special features unique to the saree, that gets popular, exotic prints, classic embroidery or anything else that catches the fancy of the market and which people are willing to pay that much for. Fabric materials like silk or sico because of the traditional leaning towards them for festivals, functions, and other special occasions like weddings and their natural look and lustre command the highest prices, with purity of silk an added factor for further demarcation.

Unnati Silks sarees online and their likely price range

At the start of the range we have the plain Rajasthani organzas with their contrast borders and designer self color checks in the weave. There are Rajkot, Chanderi sicos plain but with contrast color borders, Banarasi plain sicos with shiny golden zari borders, Kerala Kasavu cotton sarees with classic zari borders and zari patches on the pallu. You also have the dark prints of Kota cottons, the exotic Batik printed cottons, magical prints on the Rajkot cottons, sensational floral designers in georgette chiffons. There are other handlooms with lots of color splash in abstract prints, attractive borders, classic pallus or end pieces like Rajkot and Rajasthani cottons, designer magic on soft, fluffy Nagaland cottons. Sarees that are low priced to very cheap.

The transparent checks weave of Rajasthani organza with eye-catching borders,the soft Meghalaya silks, the dual color Chanderi sicos with zari lining, Kalamkari on soft cottons, Meghalaya organza and Meghalaya Supernet sarees with their classy designer motifs, the lovely Chanderi cotton sarees, the designer Kerala cotton sarees, the plain but elegant cottons of Mangalagiri and Kanchi. These are better priced that could be from Rs.1500 to Rs.3000.

Designer prints, floral landscapes, plain fields with attractive borders, exquisite embroidery, fancy adornments, fashionable designer pallus or end pieces are all aimed to make the Indian saree pleasing to the eye. You have the floral extravaganzas of Maheshwari sicos, ravishing designs of Dhaka Tant cotton, Kota Doria silk with floral motifs, Banarasi sicos with patola weave, plain Kota silk sarees with designer border, Chanderi sicos with the booti magic, Bhagalpuri silk sarees with multicolor prints, floral ecstasy on soft Pashmina silks, the Bengal Baluchari silks, Kerala organza, Rajasthani jute net, elegant Mysore cotton sarees with zari borders. These coud be in the range of Rs.3000 to Rs.5000.

Priced anywhere between Rs. 5000 and Rs.7000, you have sarees like the lush Kollam silks with wide contrast colour borders that are a feast for the eyes. There is a whole range of soft and delicate silks by way of Bengal silks, Madhubani prints sarees, Baluchari sarees, Bhagalpuri, Pashmina silk sarees, wedding Tussar silk sarees, Meghalaya, Chanderi. You also have the exquisite Sambalpuri handloom ikats, the sensational Narayanpet and Rasipuram silks as well as the Georgette designer sarees.

A step above in the Rs.7000 – Rs.10000 range you could have the exclusive and fine count sarees in silk from Mysore Silk sarees, the soft sensations of Bhagalpuri, the smooth designer Tussar silk sarees, the pure Bengal mulberry silks, the Matka Tussar silk, the ghicha raw silk stunners, the striking color creations of Kollam silks, the different looking Uppada silks and the exotic prints of Maheshwari sico.

Moving on to the more exclusive of the lot you could have the gorgeous Neon Pattus of Uppada silks, the very elegant color creations of Kanchipuram silk sarees, the pure silk Banarasis, the soft designs of Manipuri sico, the dazzling Paithani silk sarees, the creative modern abstract on Tussar silks, the booti magic of Chanderi silks, the colorful themes of the Kalamkari on fine Tussar silks.

Getting pricey and very classy are the uniquely woven special featured sarees that are decorated beyond the ordinary and which could start from Rs.15000 and go beyond Rs. 1 lakh. It is all about class and creativity, meant for the select and for whom it is an art piece to be treasured. The Patachitra sarees with their fine and detailed imagery of the epics and folk themes on soft Tussar silks, the floral scapes in the hand painted Kalamkari,

an exercise in exquisite pen painted tribal art, the soft and silky jute ghicha tussar silks in vibrant colors, the cave age like line depictions of the Warli paintings on exclusive tussar silks, the tissue silk sensations of Kota, the grand regal offerings in silk of the Kanchipuram Pattus and the Banarasi pure silk sarees make for an outstanding collection in art and artistry. Inspirational masterpieces from the traditional practitioners of their respective art!

The Unnati advantage

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