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                                                    The Sensational Sambalpuri Silk Sarees

The traditional Sambalpuri Saree in its cotton and silk versions is a captivating fabric from the tribal belt of Odisha. Sambalpur in the state of Odisha, India, is famous for its Sambalpuri variety of cotton and silk sarees, using Ikkat patterns or the tie-dye method in their making. A fabric like silk, has lustre, strength, smoothness and soft feel, plus its elasticity and desirable quality to acquire most colours and shades makes it all the more appealing. Silk is soft, smooth, airy and very comfortable for all-day wear, apart from the grandeur that it provides.

The Ikkat tie & dye Sambalpuri Silk sarees

The Ikkat style of weaving is employed in the hand-woven Sambalpuri sari using geometrical patterns. Ikkat is a technique which involves applying bindings, which resist dye penetration to the threads in pre-determined patterns, and then dyeing the threads. These dyed threads are then woven to produce the desired pattern. Within the ikkat style are variants of single-ikkat and double-ikkat. Alternately the tie-die method of weaving and then dyeing, known as ‘bandhakala’ is also used. Here the threads are first woven and the resist bindings then applied to the fabric before dyeing it. This traditional art uses vegetable dyes to a large extent, with a leaning toward artificial colours in present day creations. Black, yellow, orange, maroon, are the preferred hues. Sambalpuri silk sarees find preference for exclusive occasions like weddings, as bridal attire, parties, festivals, social functions and traditional rituals.

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The new-look Sambalpuri Silk Sarees from Unnati are a healthy blend of traditional with trending, elevating eye-catching appeal to bewitching heights.

Unnati experiments with traditional styles in a fusion with modern designs and patterns. The grand Sambalpuri Silk Sari is woven using threads of pure silk, mulberry silk, or tussar silk. Latest designs and unique patterns with hand woven borders and artistic pallus produce a rich look, making them suitable for marriages and bridal wear.There are several varieties of Silk Sarees in the Sambalpuri range. Sambalpuri ikkat sari, Sambalpuri Bomkai Saree,Sambalpuri pure silk saree etc. The grand Sambalpuri Silk Sari is woven using the ikkat or tie-dye methods but with the threads being pure silk, mulberry silk, or tussar silk. Designer sambalpuri silk sarees in fancy colors and unique patterns are fashionable and in demand. They serve well for corporate conferences. They also suit as stylish but elegant wear for schools and colleges. Latest sambhalpuri silk saris with artistic hand woven borders and pallu work, show their opulence and are very much suitable as grand wear for weddings, bridal occasions. A special method of cutting warp ends of a colour and re-tying them to different coloured warp ends, known as ‘muha-johra’ is used to create a dense layer of colours at the end piece (pallu) of the Saree. Bright coloured panels with extra motifs on a highly contrasting background make this tribal art fabric uniquely stand out. Motif patterns commonly adorning the fabric are bitter gourd, the atasi flower, the kanti-phul or small flower, peacocks and birds, Konark temple, conches.

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