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                                    Soft cotton weaves from God’s own country – Kerala

State with highest literacy in the land, must-see tourism destination, Kerala boasts the highest number of beaches, backwater areas, ayurvedic clinics and lush green locales making it the hottest place to visit for relaxed holidays and enjoyable sightseeing. With diverse events to witness from the breath-catching Snake Boat Race (Chundan Vallam) to the grand traditional celebrations of the Onam or Harvest Festival to the very modern Grand Kerala Shopping Festival, Kerala is indeed a tourist’s paradise. State that has given classical dancing forms like Mohiniyattam, Kathakali, martial arts like kalaripattu, temples that regularly have caparisoned elephants for processions, the famous Ayappan temple atop the hill, Kerala is a state known for its fine arts, culture, cinema and literary activities. The Mundum Neriyathum or two piece garment from traditional times is in fact thought to have influenced the modern saree.

The appeal of fine Kerala cotton or Kasavu sarees

The Kerala Cotton Sarees adapted from Mundum Neriyathum, the traditional wear of Malayali women, has been modified suitably, to also appeal to the changing times. Mundu (the lower garment) and Neriyathu (the upper garment) together form the Mundum Neriyathum. The Mundum Neriyathum consists of the lower part of the body covered by the Mundu, and the

Neriyathu, draping the upper torso, from right hip to left shoulder over the blouse, with the portion beyond the shoulder left hanging. Borrowing from this traditional costume, the Kerala Cotton Saree of white or cream with golden or broad Zari border, which gives it the name of Kasavu Saree, is worn specially for festivals.

As with Mundum Neriyathum, the blouse matches the Kerala Cotton Saree for festive occasions with colours based on the age and marital status of the woman.

Innovative Prints on Kerala cottons to buy online at Unnati Silks

Modern day prints on the cotton fabric with coloured borders, popular designs of peacock and temple adorning the pallu, have made the Kerala Cotton Handloom Saree popular as daily wear. Kerala Cotton Saree woven from unbleached Kora cotton with golden Jari border and motifs of animals, birds, peacocks, flowers, fruits and leaves is highly popular. Adding style to the handloom saree are motifs of checks and stripe patterns on wooden block prints using vegetable dyes. Equally enticing is the Kerala Cotton Sari with block printed motifs and multi-thread embroidered border in half-half pattern with contr