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                                                                 Sarees – By Colour – Blue

The colour that calms, the stress-buster that quiets the agitated, the peaceful flow in a turmoil filled gaze is what the color blue signifies, a color that is liked in any of its shades, a hue that is always welcome in any surroundings.

Colours distinguish between the various objects in Nature, give a clear distinction between the different states of matter, relieve man from the boredom of perceiving all objects in the same colourless hue. In fact God blessed Man to allow him wonderful experiences. Like the thrill of seeing a rainbow after the rains, the color knit joy of a breaking dawn, the awesome ecstasy of a golden sunset, the quiet serenity of lush green vegetation, the wonderment in beholding the colorful plumage of the parrot and other such delightful sights of nature.

Colors have their personality

Colors have been associated with disposition of character, that if read correctly could lead to getting to know the person. There are two ways to do it. Getting to know the colors associated with a person by way of yogic science, an art too advanced for most individuals. The other way and the more easier one is to note the person’s preferences in colour. The color of the dresses that a person normally wears, the color of the objects that he has at home, the color choices he makes at various places given the options, etc. Note the preferred color, associate the traits of the color and you have a better understanding of the person you wish to study silently for a better social interaction.

The color Blue and its associated meaning