Sarees – By Colour – Black

The engaging colour, the perfect contrast, it is a much needed shade for fabrics. With its opposite the brilliant white, the pairing always looks attractive. Be it white designs on black background or black thread embroidery on white landscapes, the colour black is always set to appeal. Black with its excellent contrast in the background makes the other colors appear more vividly.

Colours were meant for the universe to distinguish between the various objects in Nature, for a clear distinction between the different states of matter, to relieve man from the boredom of perceiving all objects in the same colourless hue. In fact God wanted Man to experience the thrill of seeing a rainbow, the joy of a breaking dawn, the ecstasy of a golden sunset, the serenity of lush green vegetation, the amazement in beholding the multi-coloured mane of the parrot and other such delightful sights.

Colors have their personality

Colors have been associated with disposition of character, that if read correctly could lead to getting to know the person. There are two ways to do it. Getting to know the colors associated with a person by way of yogic science, an art too advanced for most individuals. The other way and the more easier one is to note the person’s preferences in colour. The color of the dresses that a person normally wears, the color of the objects that he has at home, the color choices he makes at various places given the options, etc. Note the preferred color, associate the traits of the color and you have a better understanding of the person you wish to study silently for a better social interaction.

The color Black and its associated meaning

Lovers of black are felt to have a need for power and control. Independent, strong-willed, determined, those who love black like to be in control at all times.


Conservative and conventional there is generally a sense of purposefulness and an air of seriousness. There is aura, mysticism and intrigue associated with such persons.

The entertainment industry and its love for the black color saree

Be it for attending an award function or making an appearance at a special function like a wedding, an occasion like a launch or being the host of a reality show, the Indian heroines have always found the saree the most pleasing garment that highlights their womanly appeal and charm. Black has a special appeal of its own that has always caught the attention, be it the tall Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif, Sonakshi Sinha, Sushmita Sen, Shilpa Shetty or the less taller Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherjee, Kajol in the transparent chiffon and georgette designer and satin silk sarees. You have the more sedate Rekha, Hema Malini, today’s Vidya Balan and Dimple Kapadia looking great in lush black pattus.

Colourful Black Creations to buy online at Unnati Silks

There is a fine range of black sensations that catch the eye, making it difficult to choose at a single go. You have the handloom ghicha silk sarees with multicolor thread woven floral motifs, and a designer pallu. There is the rustic black plain Madhubani silk sarees saree that tells of the exotic art of the Madhubani paintings through its prints. There is the soft Bhagalpuri silk sarees saree with sensational rural art prints, the translucent designer versions of Dhaka cotton sarees, the Bengal organza, the sambalpuri cotton sarees and a whole lot of other sensational varieties that exploit the color black to bring out a beautiful contrast of sorts.

The Unnati advantage

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