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Sarees –By Color

The Indian saree, traditional garment and fashion fabric, is a mobile canvas of colors and creativity. From the simple single and dual color combinations to the multicolor extravaganzas in floral scapes, the saree with its colorful displays adds or heightens the excitement in the environs.

The Joy of Colors in our life

Colors thrill, they excite, they gladden the heart, they make you go ecstatic. Colours were meant for the universe to distinguish between the various objects in Nature, for a clear distinction between the different states of matter, to relieve man from the boredom of perceiving all objects in the same colourless hue.

God has given Man the power to enjoy colors like no other creature can. Imagine the thrill of watching the sun rise at dawn, the wonderful spread of the rainbow across the sky, the eye-soothing color of vegetation, the calming influence of the blue sky, the garden filled with flowers and butterflies, the exciting hues of birds and what not. That joy of colors is extended to taking in every bit of the spread and shine of colors on fabrics.

Colors have their personality

Colors have been associated with disposition of character, the behavioral traits of men, their influence on a man’s psyche. It is said that knowing a person’s like or dislike for certain colors gives a brief idea on what that person’s nature could be like, for each color has been studied to link itself to some human quality. e.g. Love for Black means a secretive person and one having a tendency to dominate. Love for Red, a person easily excited, passionate and very energetic, Love for Blue, a person who is naturally calm and composed, is not easily agitated. And so on.

The Colors of Unnati

Percieve the Black color - a perfect contrast to other colors! Black is a favourite choice in the ikat patterns for the light and dark effect. See it in the Sambalpuri and Pochampally handloom cottons. Engage with black in the rural prints of Madhubani cotton silks, the translucent designer versions of Dhaka cottons. Blue is a color that pleases everybody. See the captivating Chanderi Sicos in deep blue and vibrant blue, simple prints, elegant borders, Meghalaya sico and organza in cyan blue with designer pallu, Handloom cottons of Kanchi, Mangalagiri, Kota cotton sarees with its Dabu prints, Dark blue designer treats of Bhagalpuri soft silk, Madhubani silk, rich lush Kollam silks in blue with the wide red borders, the classic Mysore silks in neon blue plain with distributed motifs.

Craving Cream? Cream is always a favourite with female folk and there is an array of pleasant varieties in cream to choose from. You have the classy Kerala Kasavu cotton sarees, Kota and Rajasthani cottons with unique sensational prints. There is the charm of Kanchi and Dharmavaram cottons, the beautiful and soft Bhagalpuri silks, the soft cottons of Dhaka muslin and Coimbatore. There is also the rich lush spread of the Chattisgarh Tussar silks with tribal art adorned designer pallus.

The color that is one of the most popular, with lovely shades like parrot Green, lime green, forest green and the soft light green, the ‘Green’ collection also likewise is varied and wide. You have the smooth silks of Pashmina, Kanchipuram, soft Bhagalpuri, Madhubani Prints sarees and Bengal Organza, the wonderful zari lined wide border sarees of Maheshwari handloom sico, Chanderi sico, the fine handloom cottons of Kanchi, Dharmavaram, Mysore, the captivating kalamkari hand painted sarees, the typical zari border Venkatagiri, Mangalagiri and Narayanpet cotton sarees

You have plain elegance with Mysore silk cotton, Kanchi cotton, the zari laden Mangalagiri cotton, you have good silks with Megahlaya organza, Bhagalpuri, Kollam, Tussar Ghicha, fine art silks of Panipat, georgette, the eye-catching variety of Bengal organza, good handloom cotton varieties like Assam cotton sarees, Kota cotton, Rajkot cotton sarees. There are specials like the Meghalaya Supernet, Chanderi Sico, the finely woven Bengal Tant and a host of other Orange delights.

You have in Red, Kalamkari cotton sarees, plain elegant Mangalagiri cotton sarees, striking Kollam silk pattus, printed versions of Bhagalpuri silk sarees, Venkatagiri cotton sarees, Sambalpuri cotton sarees. You have the designer sensations from Bengal Organza, Crepe silks, Baluchari silks, muslin and mulberry silks. Other designer contributions come from Pashmina silk, Uppada silk.

In the striking Yellow color, you have dual color Bengal cotton sarees, the lovely Chettinad cotton sarees, The sizzling Bengal Organza with checks and delightful motifs, the plain and elegant Kanchi cotton sarees, Dharmavaram cotton sarees , the exotic cottons in Batik, the light and transparent Kota cotton sarees, the lush silks of Madhubani, soft Bhagalpuri, Kollam, art georgette, Bengal Organza with checks pattern, the very dazzling Banarasi organza.

Colors play an important part in the appearance of a saree and this has been shown above. This does not mean that the other colors are given a miss. It is too vast an area to cover entirely and to do justice. Hence only an inkling of colors that are popular have been mentioned.

The Unnati advantage

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