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                           The Supernet Saree is a ‘fine’ example of a fashion statement.

The ‘fine’ weave of Supernet Sarees, coupled with enchanting prints and trendy borders is a must-buy for fashionable women.

What is the Supernet fabric?

Basically the Super Net saree is a mesh weave through which hardly anything can pass. The word super indicates the closeness of the warp and weft threads to form a fine lattice network. Due to this fineness or smooth texture of the silken threads, the Supernet is able to attain a lustre and shimmering effect, that is very much appealing. Additionally this feature also provides for seamless inclusions of brilliant crochet work, embroidery and other intricately woven adornments that elevates the elegance further.

The sensation of the Supernet

Supernet Sarees are a blend of silk and cotton in different proportions. Their fine transparent weave, attractive designs and beautiful borders, give the women who wear them, a captivating look. Bewitching block prints of geometrical shapes and batik floral designs beautify the Supernet saree. Hand -made designs and the use of fabric paints are also used as an adorning feature for the Supernet to make it look very appealing. Having a good affinity to take on most dyes, the supernet is a bright display of vibrant colours of pleasing hues. Borders of matching colours and pallus or ‘end pieces’ showcase the traditional finesse in appropriate choices of design, colour and mix. In some traditional pockets like Banaras, the brocades that are attached have intricate designs and exquisite thread work to transform the look of the fabric from average to sensational.

Variants of the Supernet

Once restricted to limited pockets in North India, it is today more widespread with variants like Chanderi Supernet, Kota Supernet, Banarasi Supernet, Ghicha supernet, based on the traditional hub that weaves it.

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Picture a gorgeous bridal Chanderi Supernet saree that has elegant crochet embroidery and fast colour patola designer pallu and border. The wearer acquires a mesmerising look. Occasions like social gatherings, wedding anniversaries, traditional festivals and public get-togethers are most appropriate for women to display such Supernet Sarees. Designer Banarasi Supernet Sarees with ‘potthan’ and ‘amru’ zari brocades give it an elegant modern-day touch, making it suitable for corporate functions, temple visits and special invites. While the Fancy Supernet sarees decorated with sequins and kundans, on horizontal prints, with Jari stripes in the border, finds selection as formal wear in corporate offices or evening wear for outings. Handloom weaves are given the care and attention that the modern day looms cannot hope to match. So despite the slowing in pace and the time taken to weave a saree comparatively, pure handloom sarees are still popular for the work quality and ethnic artistry in producing sensational fabrics.

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