The sheer opulence of Kora silks

One of the four prominent kinds of silk in the Banaras region, kora silks fascinate for their sheer appearance and luxurious feel. Swishy and smooth, with classic designs, Kora silk sarees are traditional fabrics with a modern trend.

The specialty of Kora silks

Kora is sheer, Kora is opulent, Kora is full of dreamy designs. For a fabric that is transparent to translucent, it has soft feel, smooth texture, but a lacklustre finish as compared to pure silk. Kora silk ranges from being coarse to super fine depending on the nature of weave. Though delicate in appearance, it is moderately strong. Having good affinity for colors Kora silk provides a wide and varied range that appeals. Kora creates environs of luxury and while its sarees look very attractive and eye catching, it provides a good base as linings or trimmings for other fabric dresses. In effect Kora fabrics are stylish and fashionable, pleasing to the eye.

Kora silk sarees and avatars off glamour.

Kora silk fabrics have a good affinity to colours. Hence one can find a whole range of apparel of pleasing and varied colours and shades. The fineness of the fabric allows prints and text to be transferred with the use of a computer and allied equipment onto the fabric directly. This exemplary quality makes it available for graphical images and many other effects to be superimposed on top of a textured background, creating a magical illusory effect. No wonder you have modern-day abstract designer sarees and other fabrics that are novel and exciting.

Kora silk – from fine filament yarns to silky weave

The balanced plain-weave organza silk is a fabric woven from thin and continuous filaments of natural fibres as silk, or synthetic fibres as nylon or polyester, or their blends. In plain weave the alignment of warp and weft creates a criss-cross pattern.

Each weft thread goes over one warp thread and comes out from under another and so on. The threads of warp and weft are of the same size and the number of threads within a given cross sectional area, too are same. The end-result is generally a checker-board appearance.

Chiffon and Kora silk – almost alike

Chiffon and Kora are like cousins with similarity in appearance and very little distinguishing features. Both are soft, sheer, machine woven, made from silk or synthetic fibres. But for the discerning eye, the differences are visible. Chiffon is lustrous while organza is comparatively quite dull. As a drape, Chiffon has flow, Kora silk is stiffer. Kora has strength hence is used as an inner layer or insert, provides structural firmness for ready fabrics and also has appearance. Chiffon comparatively appeals only for looks.

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